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Apr 23, 2024, 02:02:25 AM

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I filed for sole custody and I ask for io dad to have supervised visitation: now

Started by balleros, Dec 03, 2015, 11:17:14 PM

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My son is 4 and he has spent an hour with his bio dad. I filed for child support as soon as my son was boren but I neber filed for custody.My son has my last name and father is not mentioned in any legal document.
I had issues with reimbursements from some medical expenses where I could have easily received 90 % out of $2000 but because dad did not do his part and his insurance does not have a custody order, I can't receive the money.
so that triggered the request.
dad was served.
he texted and he said he can't take the day off.
he also said "I am a better dad" and he thinks all I need is his insurance and child support.
not true
I have tried and tried to have him around
He acts as if I had offended him when in reality the ones person who was offended here is my son.
so what shall I expect?
our mediation appointment is on Monday
if he doesnt show, is this moved to another date? will they make decisions wihut him being present?


In mediation, the mediator DOES NOT MAKE decisions.  Their role is to guide both of you communicating and making decisions.

SO....either mediation gets rescheduled....OR the mediator sends a letter to the court saying mediation failed.