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May 28, 2024, 07:38:51 PM

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Urgent: Nightmare regarding visitation

Started by CaliIke, Nov 22, 2016, 02:12:34 PM

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So my girlfriend has just gotten back from a preliminary hearing where she was told she has to give her 5 month old daughter to the father of the child, for 5 hours during one day a week until march with the only supervision being his mother. Now that's not a bad thing at all, until you hear the history.

My girlfriend and I are together because he threatened to kill her and the baby girl, so she left.  He's been evaluated as a potential threat to both of their well beings. He also has recently sent her messages clarifying that while he doesn't wish to kill them,  he has urges to hurt his own daughter.  This wasn't heard at the hearing since it was only to determine the situation temporarily and not to present his ability to be a parent.

I am luckily a person with enough restraint NOT to react on that threat with violence of my own, mainly because I don't want to see my girlfriend alone at a time like this. But, I need a suggestion, anything will help to get through this. We live in north Texas, so if anyone knows anything about local laws regarding. Please help.  a little girl's life may be on the line here if he gets violent and only his mother is around.


Few things:
1. Did she file police reports about these threats? Were they in writing (text or emails), phone voice mails? She needs to prove these threats. If she filed a report then the district attorney or her lawyer can file a restraining order to keep him away until court hearing.

2. She needs proof of him threatening child or he will prob get visits. The judge is making the right decision now to make visits supervised so his mother will be responsible for child and should be in view during visits. If you find out and can prove that she is not at the visits you can file for violation and have visits stopped until trial. Does she have any communication with his mother? If so, contact by text/email (for proof)..maybe something like this.... (I am not a lawyer just someone who has been there done that for many many years)
Ex mother,
As you know the courts gave you responsibility in supervising visits with xx(child name). I just want to verify that you will be at the visits and will be there when I drop off child on xx day at xx time. I will pick back up the child at xx time as court ordered. I am very happy that child will form a relationship with your side of the family but want to make sure xx is safe after xx (ex) past remarks. Please send me a quick response back verifying that you will be there.
Thank you

Many people during a break up threaten the other side. If he has a criminal past, been to counseling, on med for mental illness, things like that can be brought up in court. The  courts do not want to hear about fights (verbal) as that is why they are breaking up/divorcing.

She can also seek help from a domestic violence shelter for counseling and possible legal counseling but if father is supervised by grandma and she has her head on straight then child should be safe which is why he was given supervised for now. There are also supervised centers instead of grandma if you can prove she is unfit and he can have his visits with a counselor watching him at a center. This costs money to do though....

Good luck and let us know how first visit goes. You can leave on your phone in your pocket to tape conversation at drop off and pick up in case things go sour fast. Won't have video but audio will do.


What she said...

And...when I read "5 hours a week with supervised time" -- that's already a HUGE HUGE reduction of what a normal temporary order would have looked like.

I too would be trying to confirm the mom is there.

Take before pictures of the child and after pictures -- so that if there is a change, it can be documented and proven.