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Jul 23, 2024, 05:44:40 AM

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Ex has stockpiled Medical Bills for years and expecting a lump sum payment.

Started by LoveNietzsche, Nov 16, 2017, 09:04:30 AM

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Undoubtedly this question has been addressed in the forum somewhere, so I apologize for redundancy.

Following an (2004) dissolution (entered Los Angeles, Ca.)  I was rightly responsible for one-half of uninsured medical expenses.

Since 2004 my former wife has not sent a SINGLE NOTICE of payment/reimbursement for medical expenses incurred on behalf of the four (4) children. NOT ONE. Nor has she in twelve-plus years sought judicial relief for any portion of medical expenses at any point--which is interesting to the extent that 'we' have over the years sought various modifications/orders and upon each of those respective orders was attached a form of 'procedures for seeking medical reimbursement' --to be clear, she NEVER brought the issue of unpaid medical reimbursement specifically before the court.

However, she has recently sent by certified mail about 4 pounds of Insurance Explanations of Benefits (no receipts/ checks/payments are contained in the slew of papers related to medical) dating back more than 12 years. Aside from some reference to printed spread sheets she is claiming that I owe in excess of $20,000 in my portion of unpaid medical expenses for the children.

I understand some of language of FC 4602 which addresses the issue--however, $20,000 is no laughing matter for a person of my means and to be honest I am afraid of the legal footing I may be afforded if the hearing turns to a contentious reduction of 'he said, she said.'

My thought was if anyone knew of or could provide links to examples of cases where the specific issue was addressed concretely I could frame my arguments in a way that was less emotional and more steeped in actual legal practice/experience. 


The EOB's have over $20,000 of our of pocket expenses in them (seems high for copays)? Do the kids have secondary insurance? Is their insurance state/fed program?

Go see a local lawyer for a free consultation about this. If you have it in your order then you "may" be held responsible. Our ex did this to us for about 8 years worth and judge had her show us proof she paid the bills, (cancelled check or receipt) and then we counter-filed a modification that added time limits. Ex now has 30 days to send us info or the bill will not be split. Some orders have the first $XX "free" so the splitting of a $20 goes away.

If she brings it to court, she will have to explain and produce certified receipts of sending you requests for payment. Really depends on judge and the feelings.....stay calm, and say she never told me about these bills, have not shown proof she paid them, and they are 12 years old. I will be happy to start paying my share from this year forward. Hiring a lawyer may cost you more than her bill.

We made ex send