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Feb 25, 2024, 11:29:37 AM

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Divorce Temporary Orders

Started by Dasi, Jul 09, 2018, 07:13:00 PM

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For 9-years of marriage, I guess it is not that simple enough to have been finished in this kind of situation but for all or nothing we discussed it deeply enough. And for the average, we knew all the consequences and dilemmas that we possibly encounter on the future aspects.

Basically, I was the one who stays in our living house along with our 2 kids. In terms of daily needs like financial, food, and most of all is the shelter for the children.

Once a couple is going to file for a divorce or going to separate, they must settle a lot of issues, yes I barely know this but what keeps on my mind is the main point which is on how can I acquire a temporary order and if so what are the possible factors upon it.

Best appreciation for any comments and ideas.


Regardless of any other other factors, we always recommend that both parents retain legal counsel. Unless you both agree on everything and are willing to put it on paper, get an attorney (http://deltabravo.net/cms/search.php?q=hire+attorney&s=Search&r=0).

You'll need a parenting plan to submit to the court, and there are several available on this site: http://deltabravo.net/cms/search.php?q=parenting+plan&s=Search&r=0

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Some states you can get a legal separation on paper through the courts and if you agree you can both go to a lawyer and have it written up. Custody of kids(joint?), visitation schedule, holiday and vacation schedule, joint accounts need to be closed and split, all debts need to be dealt with, and child support order put into place. If you can agree to all the above great, but yes you both should go to a free one hour consult with your own lawyer to make sure you are both protected.