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May 21, 2024, 04:08:16 AM

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Can't find my kids!

Started by baykon, Dec 08, 2018, 03:36:42 PM

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4 years, several court, state, & law enforcement requests. Refusal for info in child support courts as well as Social security office & birth certificate locations. No knowledge of where they're schools are. No addresses or phone numbers. No responses on social media.

I've run out of options.


Few questions:1. How old is chid(ren)?2. Why did child support court hold ex address?3. Do you have a visitation schedule?

Have you tried going to the court house for all copies of your file? Maybe on there there.One option can be to request court ordered counseling with children so you can start to form a relationship outside ex and with a therapist that can guide the conversation.

Also, if you still have rights to children, you can request your child's school records to be mailed to you. You can mail the request letter to the district office of the few school districts your kids may in. Not the individual schools, the district so one letter to whole district. You can then request parent portal to get school records , info, grades, attendance from there.

Do you know grandparents or other families information. Can send something to kids through them? Be careful about harassing any family members, one time letter asking them to forward info to your children.
Good luck!