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Oct 04, 2023, 10:44:15 AM

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GAL, legal complaint, DV issue

Started by michelec3, Jun 03, 2019, 10:58:46 PM

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I filed a motion to enforce parenting time.  The judge pushed it off onto the child support hearing officer who laughed and said was he supposed to issue a bench warrant for my son when he was refusing to go?  I told him that don was allowed to do whatever son wanted, mentioned other overly permissive parenting (I did not say that specifically) and ex had my son write stupid inaccurate things about me that "explained" why ex was not helping enforce my time, etc.
this was allowing son who was already expelled from 2 schools for sexual assault and solicitation with an electronic device to continue to do what he wanted.

I filed an appeal for that motion.  It is now including the GAL who sided with abusive ex in the first place, made sure that no DV assessment was done, used coercive control on me and my lawyer - whose other client had this guy as a GAL also and in march 2014 said he tended to give custody to the parent who did not video tape the children (to prove abuse).   Anybody know anything to do about this?  I was supposed to get help from my lawyer after the trial to file a complaint against him - but of course nothing happened.  Her other client had him as the GAL.  Would filing my complaint now get rid of him?    There are no rules for the GALs in this state that I know of.  I cant afford a lawyer.   

I am scared I am losing my son with the narcissistic dv behavior that the ex is teaching son.  Already I only have him hours on Monday and some thursdays.

Anybody know someone who filed a complaint against a therapist for something that got their license revoked? 


We went through this. Suggestion: File to have counseling court ordered for you and child. Find a therapist near you that is willing to take this on. Go see them first. Then file in court naming this therapist so that you can child can start to form relationship. Child needs outsider to help you without mom being there. Keep up with any visits you are allowed and just make a relationship for the two of you and not bring up mom. If child does, just answer honestly and move on. We fought the good fight and lost as mom PAS the kids to death. As child gets older and if you are still there, hopefully they will start to see mom true colors. If their is another incident with the school, ask them to get CPS involved.Sounds like the child may need counseling other than the relationship for you so maybe the counselor can use some time to deal with school/other issues too. Good luck!


Don't know what state you are in, though in some states you can successfully request a change in GAL or to have no GAL involved.