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Jul 23, 2024, 05:31:14 AM

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Drug testing

Started by OhKscorpion, Jun 28, 2019, 03:33:00 AM

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I experienced a situation where CPS/CWS whatever it may be called where you live. The Child Protective Service Worker asked to do a hair test for drug and of course, used the standard "if you don't agree I will just ask the judge and it look bad. Or however, it was phrased because the mother agreed. About a week and a half later the test result came back.

One child was 4 and the other 7, the four-year-old test revealed enough meth in her system to indicating a daily user and the seven-year-old an occasional user. I only knew these kid because a close fined babysat them almost every day.

I visited my friend daily and I saw the kids daily and there was no way these kids had been taking meth or exposed to the amount of meth that CPS was reporting; I knew because of the fact these kids slept most the time I was around and when they were awake they weren't bouncing off the walls but watching TV mostly.

So after a great deal of time and research, this is what I discovered and I was shocked that so many attorneys buy into this sham.

1) there are no certified hair drug testing labs. Yes, often times the hair sample is sent to a lab which is certified by the Feds to do drug testing but since hair testing has not been approved for use, the labs that are certified sent the sample to a lab that is not (just to keep their certification 'clean'.
The labs that do the hair testing only confirm the presence of meth it is up to the client to make a determination of the results. Especially when it comes to juveniles the reason being the growth of children's hair varies so much and there has been very little scientific research on children (seems most governments have a problem with giving meth to children even in the name of research.

2) courts can only order a drug which is approved for use by the Department of Transportation who rely the FDA to certify the labs to meet the necessary standards.

BUT, if you agree to the request of CPS then you have cooked your own problems because the court is more than happy to accept any test you and CPS agree to. If you want to validate my  facts a good place to start is Omega labs they seem to do  a lot of testing for the courts and then ask your local court system about what test can they order someone to take, if that makes you feel uneasy use the internet and start with, what type drug testing is used by interstate truck drivers.

I just hate to see people fooled by anyone. I don't care for meth users driving huge trucks along beside me on the freeway and if the hair testing keeps being abused then it never be approved for use in the courts.