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Oct 04, 2023, 10:57:54 AM

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Child Support

Started by dipper, Dec 16, 2019, 12:31:38 PM

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If an employer refuses to garnish an employees wages for child support, would you be able to take the employer to court?  I know years ago with Socrateaser's advice, we took an employer to court for a garnishment they refused to uphold and the employer had to pay the portion they did not withhold.  I am wondering if you can do that for child support.   


Have you tried a strong worded letter to the child support state address (enforcement)? Something like you know ex works at xx and that the employer is not sending in the court ordered amount as per there order? I had this issue but it was with the feds social security. I wrote a strong letter stating that the two agencies need to get their act together or I was bringing it to court. They fixed the issue. LOLI know my state has a letter to send to the employer and then it is up to employer to say person does not work there.
I would think thought that def yes, you can sue the employer for not taking out the wages as per court order but might have to come from the state since they are the ones collecting? Might be worth an appt with the state child support office. We can do at certain times and just show up or make appt.Good luck!


Thanks Ocean.  I have not tried that.   I spoke with the child support enforcement agency just now and they said they typically wait 30 to 45 days and then send a compliance letter stating to the employer that they are in noncompliance and will be held liable for any amounts they are not sending in.   I am just defeated with this process.  It began in April...was finally made into an order in September.  As soon as a garnishment was sent out, he quit his job.   This is against my son.   And I will file in court against him myself if need be.   

I would file against his employer in a heart beat if I could.   


So he is no longer working there?File against son (ugh) and they will threaten his license or a few nights in jail. As soon as you find out the next job, give info to CS office and see if they can at least get a payment or two in before he quits again. Sad you are still going through this....