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Jul 17, 2024, 10:03:00 AM

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Are there Transportation laws for PA re: visitation?

Started by jazzy, Dec 09, 2003, 03:37:57 PM

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I am wondering how I can get my ex to share in the transportation to and from visitation.  Right now I do all the driving and it is 14 hours rount trip.


I have a similar situation.  I saw in the FAQ center, under Visitation, that it depends on who moved.  If your ex moved, then he or she should be responsible for half (or more) of the transportation.  If you moved, you might still get support from the powers/courts/whatever for sharing transportation, because it's in the best interest of the kids to be able to see you as easily as possible.


I am in the same boat.  I have a 16 hour round trip.  PA court told me that because I am the one that moved I am responsible to provide the transportation.  Also Domestic relations will not consider the travel expences when calculating your income for support issues.  Good Luck.