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Jul 17, 2024, 10:34:29 AM

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my weekend denied

Started by too_short, Dec 18, 2003, 04:17:50 AM

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Hi all,

Need some advice here.  I and the CP just enetered into a new visitation arrangement... every other weekend and plus shared holidays and we're already bumping heads.

This coming weekend is suppose to be mine and I've made plans through friends to have some of their children to come by and play with my boy.  However, mom called last night saying that it is not my weekend and that my weekend is the weekend that follows Christmas.  The latter part of her statement is correct, I do have him from the 27th through new years., but as I said this weekend is also mine.  

I definitely don't want to cancel this weekend since I already invited people over.  What are my options if she steadfastly refuses my having him this weekend?



I don't know what your court order reads ... since this weekend is the beginning of the Christmas break for school kids, and if CP, per court order is to have the standard holiday time (which basically reads from the day school lets out until XX day at XX time), AND if your order reads that holiday time overides standard w/e visitation ... she may be correct with her statement :O(

Post EXACTLY what your agreement reads as to holiday time, maybe she IS interpreting it incorrectly.  Without the wording not I or anyone else could tell you.


Christmas Holiday schedule would probably supercede standard weekened visitation.  You need to read you order VERY carefully.  As mine states one parent gets child the day school is out thru the 26th noon and the other gets noon the 26th, until school starts again.

I doubt she's in contempt, somebody just explained the order a little better to her.