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Jul 17, 2024, 10:33:34 AM

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She's going to jail!!!!

Started by LizaLou1, Dec 23, 2003, 08:15:06 PM

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Some of you might remember we were in court last week because the BM denied part of the Thanksgiving visitation (arrived late by greyhound bus and was supposed to leave early but we put him on a plane per the schedule instead).  At the hearing the judge said he would not rule until after the Holidays.  

At 6 PM to night we heard from our attorney.  He said the BM had made at least one phone call to the judge today about not allowing our Christmas visitation.   Well, I guess he got fed up and he issued his ruling about 5 pm today.  The BM is going to jail for 15 days and paying our legal fees.

Does anybody have a clue how this will affect her military career?  She is a Colonel in the Army Reserves.  I thought I read somewhere she could or would be discharged for behavior unbecoming an officer.

We are hopeful the Christmas visit will happen, but not overly confident.  But we plan to make the best of it.

Happy Holidays!



You mean the bm called the judge and stated she was not going to allow visitation?  After he already ordered it?  And threatened her with jail?  OMG!  What a stupid woman!

I hope you have the kids right now.  Let us know how this works out.

Have no idea about the military thing.


As a 10 year vet of active duty military, trust me, we considered reserves as play soldiers. Nothing will happen to her reserve status as a result of goin to jail.

On the other hand, she gets an A+ in her stupidity class ;)


Well thats what shoould be happening


I had a teacher get reprimanded in the reserves for a similar situation. She lost rank and some pay and was asked to retire.