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How does this sound to you?

Started by ksswthrt74, Dec 29, 2003, 02:34:32 PM

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Dear X,
   OD and YD are out of school on 1-16 and 1-19.  These days fall during my "agreed" parenting time weekend. I am going to pick them up at 10 am on 1-16, for my weekend parenting time and will return them to school on Tuesday morning.
    It  is standard practice for the non-custodial parent to get the kids on school holidays when it is their parenting weekend.



Do I need to put more in there or less?  Please tell me.  Thank you very much.


My approach (which does NOT work with my ex, by the way...) would be something to the effect of:

"Because the children have a four day weekend, we will (or would like to) pick them up at 10:00 on January 16th and take them to school Tuesday morning.

It's easier for the kids to spend the whole weekend so they have more time to do activities and so they're not bouncing back and forth between homes.  Please take the time to enjoy your entire weekend."

And try to slide in something about you'll let the kids spend long weekends with your ex - even if it's damned well going to happen that way anyways.


I'm not sure if this is any better or any more effective.  I tend to be overly blunt in my letters to my ex anyhow.  :)

  - Tappie