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Started by okiebug13, Jan 05, 2004, 12:36:20 PM

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I once allowed my x to move out of state with our two children.  The reaason at the time was simple, she was already preventing the court-ordered visitation schedule and do everything in her power to make it impossible for me to see the kids, so I thought give her her fresh start and some space and maybe I'll get some more quality time in the long run.

Instead, I have been given less and less access to the kids.  This past summer she just picked-up and moved further away.  I tried to get a temporary restraining order to prevent her move, but the judge refused to grant it, instead ordered a court review.  Since she was already moved by the court date, the court choose to do nothing.

My daughter suffers with Artho-gyposis and Turner's syndrome.  She has had numerous operations to correct the conditions and requires constant therapy to improve.  Since the move my x has not done anything to stay up with these requirements.  My daughter's condition has deteriorated greatly in the last six months and I fear that without support and intervention of the court she will never recover to the positive conditions previously be improve by therapy.  My x likes to consider my daughter handicapped, instead of getting her help.

What can I do?  I know her previous doctors and therapists would agree that she has regressed.  I do not think my x is placing the welfare of the kids 1st.

Please help.

Lost and Forgotten in NH


I would try to get intervention from the court on medical issues first, her health is at risk.  Try to have phone visitations (keep records) at least attempt on your part to speak to them & write letter that have return reciept. Send CP letters of intent to visit. Send them to her and copy to court file r reciept.  We are out of state too. We do this on a regular basisfor the past two years it has made a huge difference. it is hard on everyone. I am a mom but fit fathers are crucial to the upbringing of kids too! After enough denials or no responces back you can get a contempt charge filed, I believe you would still file where divorce was granted. Read as many custody for fathers books to be up on court even if you just wanting your rights to visit. Hope this helps