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How do you get help with this?

Started by medicmomma, Jan 07, 2004, 12:26:56 PM

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It has been a year and a half since my husbands children have been to his house.  They refuse to visit, call, write, and if he calls them they don't speak.  They just listen to him.  His father died and they wouldn't call or visit him.  They did go to the funeral home but they didn't speak to their father and they didn't cry and they didn't go to the cemetary.  They say they hate him but have no reason to.  He never hurt them.  We went to court two years ago because of this.  She agreed then to enforce visitation.  But it has been a year and a half now.  He doesnt think a judge can force them to visit.  They are 13 and 10.  But this is wrong.  Can anyone help?


A judge would force them to visit. They are not old enough to determine when they can and can't go to Dad's house.  The 13 yr old, maybe, but would have to show a really good cause as to why he can't and won't go.
Talk to your attorney. Put Mom in contempt for not making them go to Dad's on his CO time.


If you have court ordered visitation use Intent on visitation letters (found in this web site) sent certified and a copy to the court return reciept on both. My husband has been doing this for over a year now and it has made an improvement on visitation denials and excuses, we are sorta in the same situation, cp is trying to have child make the desion in lew of better activites. We have never had to go to court but when they see you sent a letter to your court file it makes then wise up to the rights decided by the court and that you are willing to enforce it. We live out of state making visits harder. Your kids come around when you keep good attitude about cp desipte the negative attitude. You have to enforce your rights. I was unsure about the right of a child to make this decision too. Not happy about going to court, but we will if needed.

I cry_ in_the_dark

I am a tad bit curious as to why he's waited 1 1/2 years?


All I can say to why he waited for a year and a half:  1:  MONEY  2: he said he wasnt going to force them to come.   that he was hoping they would make uo thier minds on their own to visit.  Believe me I have begged him not to do that just make them visit.  He thinks if he forces them to visit they will hate him more.  He has been there to pick them up or visit them and they run next door (grandmothers house),  run down the road, or just sit there and won't talk to him.  If he calls they won't speak or hang up on him.  We called one time and they even told us we had a wrong number.