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Started by john1, Jan 18, 2004, 01:22:45 PM

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hello I hope somebody can help me this is the situation I have been married for 15 years suddenly eight weeks ago my wife moved in with her mother and father and took my thirteen-year-old daughter with her I have not been able to see her. Some background on my wife my wife has never had a good relationship with her family she grew up in one of these you have to prove your love situation with her mother and father. they are both very controlling and manipulative in the 15 years we've been married three times my wife hase made a concerted effort to get close to her mom and dad all three times we had ended up separated for short periods of time. Her mother and father have a irrational hatred for me because I moved their daughter from their small Michigan town to San Francisco because of the way she was raised she Haas a very strong desire to please her parents her parents are pressuring her to file for divorce even though she doesn't want to do that her parents told her that she must decide between me and her family.
her mother and father had been daily telling my daughter horrible things about her father in an effort to turn her against me one time she called me crying saying you wouldn't believe the horrible things they're saying about you. one time her father offered to buy her a car if she would just leave me. she's under incredible pressure and I don't know what to do can I just go get my daughter and bring her home. I live in Michigan now to I understand that because no court papers have been filed I have as much right to my daughter as she does. Im just trying to make her understand that they are consequences to things such as divorce.
 and wants she starts that and they have had their way the love fest will End and their calls will come out again.
 to give you an idea of how manipulative they can be when we got married my wife didn't want one of her uncle's to come to the wedding because he sexually molested her when she was a child her mother's response was your the problem because you keep bringing it up why can't you just forget about it is there any action I can take against them for constantly interfering with our relationship and what they've been doing to my daughter think you please help