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Sep 25, 2023, 02:13:41 AM

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looking to relocate

Started by Innocentprncss, Jul 10, 2005, 04:03:59 PM

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out the posts but I remember specifically where she said that she lived with the father when her daughter was born, but then she posted that she just called him and he didn't care.  Definite contradiction.  She also said he had nothing to do with her for 3 1/2 years and only wanted to spend time with her when he had to pay child support.  My guess is that mommy dearest probably denied vistiation as much as she could, and dad probably made the move for visitation and support to be set up so he could see his daughter legally.

There isn't a chance in hades that a judge will grant this moveaway based upon the circumstances she has presented, and even half of those are untrue! LOL


there is no such thing as a remarriage if you weren't married in the first place.  You need to look at your values and see that it's not right to take a child away from their father.  


Gee, I am gone for a few days and look what I missed! So many opprotunities to blast this one...

I feel bad for this little girl.

"Innocentprincess", even this says so much about you...

"Children learn what they live"


>He still
>flat out refuses.

Wouldn't you?


Is this Will's ex?  Might as well be, she has no intention on following the visitation she is so generously offering.  Classic Narcissist.  I feel for this father and child.  They will suffer life long grief.  
ME, ME, ME, ME, ME...oh yeah, my child, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME!
Your daughter will hate you some day, mark my words.  


Wisconsin has a specific statute about it.  Neither parent may without the other parent or the courts permission move the child more than 150 miles from the non custodial parent.
And the parent requesting the move must submit a parenting plan, and if nothing is resolved mediation WILL be ordered before you can move.

DH's ex moved 148 miles away in order to keep us from the kids and asked that we do all transport.
However, as our attorney so eloquently put it to the judge...
He who wants fetches.  So we pick up, but she must drive all the way to
our home to do pick ups.
Since the order she has moved a little closer, around 95 miles now.

It may not be written in your paperwork but it is the law here.


I know this is getting to be an old thread...but I am just baffled by "Innocentprincess".  How can someone truly justify changing her daughter's parenting time with daddy from 36+ weekends per year to..."AT LEAST 12" plus holidays, etc?!  

We all know that children need regular quality time with their parents...often doing nothing.  You know, just living together.  This father may not be perfect as the mom certainly isn't but he is seeing his daughter 3 weekends per month and that is INVALUABLE to the child.  Either now or in the future as their relationship grows, the father will feel the same way, (sounds like her already does).  

The daughter may internalize it for years...but someday her rage about her mom's choice to move away from her dad WILL manifest.  Sad, sad, sad.



To innocentprinces:

It's amazing what some people will think, my ex has violated every part of the PP, continues to violate any part of visitation (shared 50/50) and one day, while we are in court, she indicated that she refused for my son (16yro) to go to a camp during the summer because as she stated to me "Can you imagine not seeing him for the summer?? I (BM) couldn't handle not seeing him for that length of time".  She never really gets it either, since we have been wrapped up in court for some time and two years of summers have gone by for me.

It's easy for me to understand my situation since she (BM) is on depression med's, 15 years in psychiatric therapy (for mental illness) and one of the most narcissistic people I have ever come across. Every evulation she ends up recieving, ends up with "They don't know what they are talking about" and looks for someone else to get agreement.

To my face and to the court, she cries out "I am not trying to keep the kids from anyone" but her actions speak loud and clear.

Take a look in the mirror, talk out loud to your reflection, and truly listen to what you are saying (Do this more than once, since it is not easy for us to see what is truly infront of us).

It's nice to see that my BM is not one of a kind!!  But I truly feel sorry for the damage that will be done to this little girl. My daughter has been turned against me by her BM and her boyfriend with very similar situation and while the courts look for compromises, any legal action far under reports the pain and suffering this little girl will go thru (and of course the courts act so swiftly on this!!). My little girl will need many more years of consoling and probably therapy and only by the grace of God will I have an opportunity to have a renewed relationship with her as she grows into a young adult. She is truley the innoncent princess in this mess.

Please stay on your meds, and additional consoling for your thoughts. I may not help but it couldn't hurt.