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Jul 18, 2024, 08:36:59 AM

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To my SPARC Family!

Started by 1angrystepmom, Nov 22, 2003, 04:50:36 AM

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Thank you, from the bottom my heart for all the encouragement, support and friendship.  

During the times we thought we were going to faulter, you ALL have helped to maintain our courage, and most of all, our hope!!  You have all been a blessing to us!!  

Special thanks to DMcD, for all the late night phone calls, listening to my rants, and undying friendship.

OneandOnly, for support and LOTS of SMILES!!

Sly, for encouragement, which for you I believe especially hard due to your circumstances.

MK, you always know EXACTLY what to say.

TM, CF, Jan, Granny, and Haggie, for ALWAYS giving Great advice

For those of you I DIDN'T name, I am trying to save bandwidth, Nothing persona, you all know who you are ....  (Tapdad, MJ, MrR, and the rest of the chatroom gang, LAH, you too!!) ;) Know all of my Dear SPARC friends, you mean the world to me!!

You are all due some credit today!!

Love and Hugs!


You are more than Welcome!!  I know we haved been helped by so many great people on this site!  They have become like family to us also!



Hey, you listen to my rants, too! You know that I have made so many friends here and you are a definitely a great friend to me. I hope that you and everyone else here ends up with the families that they want and deserve. One day, all of our children and step children will know what wonderful, amazing, loving familes they have. Keep up the good work, Amber. You are a wonderful person and those of us who know you are very lucky.


:7 AMber you are welcome, we have all grown close to eachother thru our ordeals and it helps to have friends to talk to, vent with and of course laugh:P