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Looking for info...or a good PI (also posted on custody board)

Started by Berkley, Apr 28, 2005, 07:05:25 AM

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Reading a lot of messages posted, I have noted that people have inside information about Xs and significant others.  How are you all getting this info?

I am about to start a custody evaluation but fear that the evaluator will not do enough research to find out what is really going on with BM and SF.

Specifically I think that one or both may have a criminal record and DUIs.  Is there anyway for me to get this info (it looks to me that in California if you want to access someone's driving record they notify the person the name of the person accessing the record-something I would rather not have them know)?

Lastly, does anyone have contact information for a really good private investigator....I'd be willing to pay, if necessary, for good information.


The state I have to deal with has free criminal records search though the county clerk. It looks like they ask for a fee on this page for this info, but hey, it may be worth the $5 or so.

Good Luck




For example, Riverside County has a ton of court info on the web for free (this is how we found out BM was arrested and convicted of shoplifting).  San Diego you can search on the names and see if there is a case and where it is located, but that is about it.

I realize there are a ton of other counties, but you might want to find your county's superior court website and see what is on there.


To find your local courts website go to:


Try //www.publicdata.com for info on prior criminal convictions... Idocket.com lists civil cases...DrivingRecord.net lists traffic citations in many states.

Keep in mind that convictions fall under public record, while arrests do not. A (N.C.I.C. National Crime Information Center/FBI) check would reveal those, however your judge would have to agree upon your attorny's request.