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Oct 03, 2023, 02:47:26 AM

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I made over $200 today before breakfast. (Just had to brag)

Started by 4honor, May 03, 2005, 09:03:10 PM

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I am day trading on the Foreign exchange market. DH was mad that he can't figure out how to do it so he can make a living in his jammies too.  I am a lousy teacher so I am no help in edumacating him.

(And NOOOOOOO I do not use 4X made Easy. They are getting sued in a class action lawsuit so I went away from that idea.)

email me and I will tell you about the platform I use if you like. I am trading an account of less than $1500.... well it was less than $1500 on last Friday. Now it is over $1900. When I get to $2000 I will start pulling my profits off every Friday.... anything over $2K.

So being unemployed is not such a bad thing anymore.

I am also using my insurance adjusting skills to make some $$ as a PUBLIC ADJUSTER. If you are in WA and need some help with your large insurance claim, I will help you get more $$ for a small percentage of the claim. I get paid when you do. The small ones I will guide you to do it for yourself if you need help.
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