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I'm going to post the link so you all can see the happy couple :-)


"It's great," said Cecil on being a dual military couple. "My advice is to trust in God, and everything else will fall in place."

Father's Issues / LOL! Who will they go after for child support?
« on: Dec 13, 2003, 07:12:07 AM »
Synthetic sperm, if you will. Every rabid gender-feminist's dream, right? No need for a man, right? Wrong.

My guess is that this won't be the "Final Solution" to making men optional, because there's no one to go after for child support. It's a fascinating technical achievement, to be sure, but in the end, they still need someone to foot the bills. :)

Lots of feminazi-tyoes would love to have a baby without having anything to do with those icky men, but damn few want to step up to the plate and foot the bill and pay for it themselves. After all, that's what men are for.  

Scientists Create Sperm From Stem Cells

Wed Dec 10, 1:03 PM ET
By RICK CALLAHAN, Associated Press Writer

Scientists say they have turned mouse embryonic stem cells into primitive sperm cells — and then used the sperm cells to fertilize eggs. The scientific team's work could offer insights into male infertility and boost human stem cell research.

The sperm cells were not fully developed sperm, but rather their tail-less precursors. When they were injected into eggs, the eggs developed into embryos. Scientists are now studying whether such embryos can develop into live-born mice.

The team was led by Dr. George Q. Daley of Harvard Medical School. Its findings were published online Wednesday by the journal Nature.

Embryonic stem cells can develop into virtually any kind of cell of the body, and scientists hope to use them someday to create replacement parts to treat illnesses such as Parkinson's disease and diabetes. The new work also involved embryonic germ cells, which appear in early embryos and mature into either sperm or egg cells.

Recently, other scientists reported that they had turned mouse stem cells into egg cells. Hans R. Schoeler of the University of Pennsylvania, who led the team that created those mouse egg cells, said the new work is a "very careful and beautiful study" that complements his team's findings.

While Japanese researchers announced in September that they had also created sperm from stem cells, Schoeler said their work was conducted largely inside living mice, something he called cumbersome and labor-intensive.

"But here we have the example where everything has been done in the dish and you can really study it in this way because it's right in front of you," Schoeler said.

Dr. John Gearhart, a Johns Hopkins University stem cell researcher, said that the new research is intriguing but that it is not clear whether the fertilized mouse eggs would have developed into normal embryos.

Daley said the laboratory methods his team developed as part of the research will allow scientists to study closely the development of germ cells.

"Germ cells are in some sense the immortal cells of our species. They're really endowed and given the responsibility for perpetuating the species," Daley said.

Father's Issues / Don't know where to post this, but here we go!
« on: Nov 30, 2003, 10:23:44 PM »

Kind of lame, but I was getting rather pissed off trying to do what the bot required.

Lots of folks here might be able to help on a person to person basis.

This is for the folks who privately emailed me.  Post quick, so they know you're serious!

Dammit Angus, go eat, and let me type!

Father's Issues / And Baby Makes Ten For Single Mother
« on: Nov 26, 2003, 09:40:29 AM »


And baby makes 10 for single mother

Her holiday wish is for a better life

Wednesday November 26, 2003

By Stacy Day
Contributing writer

Thanksgiving may find Edrina, 32, giving birth to a new baby, a daughter, the doctors say, who is due on the holiday. The new baby will add to Edrina's already very busy household when she comes home to join nine brothers and sisters.

Edrina is a single mother who is grateful to her own mother for lending a hand. "My mom really helps me out a lot," she says. "She tries hard to help me."

She is especially grateful for her mother's help staying with the younger children while she takes her son Tevin, 3, to doctor appointments and for the occupational and physical therapy he receives for his developmental delays.

Edrina wishes she could work, but she stays home with the younger children who are not yet in school. She worries about what the new year will bring for her finances. December is the last month she is eligible to receive welfare. She receives a Social Security payment for Tevin, but that check just barely covers her rent. She is concerned about how she will pay her utilities after December. When asked what she will do, Edrina says: "Just pray."

The unknown future has dampened her enthusiasm for the holidays. "I don't even have the Thanksgiving spirit," she says.

Her children have the Christmas spirit, however, and already are making wish lists for Santa. Her mother has offered to try to buy gifts for the children, but "I don't want her to try to do everything," Edrina says.

The older boys, Carl, 16, Kerrell, 11 and Robert, 8, love video games they can play on TV. Jacquekeya, 12, has admired the new Easy Bake Oven, while the younger girls, Shamekia, 9, and Brittany, 4 (she has a twin, Brian) really like Dora Explorer. They like "anything Dora" says Edrina, but Brittany would especially like a Dora watch, like the one her older sister received on her birthday.

While she has no specific plan yet, Edrina's wish for Christmas is "that I could better my situation."

"There are 10 of us now and I stay in a one-bedroom apartment -- just picture that. I wish I could do better."

Edrina's children will each receive a present when they join thousands of other children Dec. 20 at the Superdome for the 108th annual Times-Picayune Doll and Toy Fund giveaway.

The fund will hold another giveaway Dec. 6 with the Jefferson Parish Doll and Toy Fund at the Mike Miley Playground. It also contributes to the Covington, Kenner and Mandeville police departments, St. Tammany and Westwego Toys for Tots and St. Bernard Operation Merry Christmas.

The fund relies on community contributions, which can be made in honor of a loved one or as a memorial. Contributions should be sent to The Times-Picayune Doll and Toy Fund, P.O. Box 61065, New Orleans, toLA 70161-9979. Tickets to the giveaways are distributed by local churches and community centers.
_________________________________________________ ___________

I have a better idea....let's chip in and get her sterilized!!!!

Can you believe this woman is actually trolling for donations because of her stupidity?


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