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Custody Issues / Re: How Do You Terminate A Mothers Rights?
« Last post by WarFighter28 on Apr 26, 2018, 09:45:17 PM »
Yes all visitation is stopped by TRO at this moment. I think that we have everything figured out now. Thanks for the replies.
Custody Issues / Re: Show cause?
« Last post by dipper on Apr 24, 2018, 05:10:24 AM »
That is probably what I will do.   I just.....I don't think he is a good person.   He is 34 and seems very immature.  He calls people "retarded" and "gay".  His advice to mom when she was lonely back in January before they started dating was to "Go get drunk."  He has an 11 year old child and within two weeks of mom dating him, she was posting videos with lots of pics of them in bed together in his house.  Pics of his daughter riding around with them.  Mom spends all of her time over there.  And I believe there are other adults in the house too - his parents.

On top of that, he is willing to lie and go along with her against a court order.   And mom has asked for one of her full weeks she gets to be in May....conveniently right after she introduces child to him. 
Custody Issues / Re: Show cause?
« Last post by ocean on Apr 23, 2018, 03:32:34 PM »
Pick you battles..... ask to meet him before child does (next week) and you will let it go. The time you get into a hearing it will be over the 6 months and the money spent to do it would be a waste. Meet him and if he seems okay then just keep the evidence for next set of issues. Hopefully he has positive influences on BM. Good luck!
Custody Issues / Show cause?
« Last post by dipper on Apr 23, 2018, 03:27:09 PM »
My husband and I have custody of our grandchild.  The mother has every other weekend and a few hours each Wednesday visitation.  The GAL put in court order no new boyfriends to be introduced to child until 6 months continuous dating.  The mother began dating a man January 30th, the date I am sure of.

She quickly basically moved in with him and on weekends went back to her mother's home to see child. But she exposed child to video chat with him.  Today I told her we would like to meet him mid July before child does.  She informed me that she will be introducing them next week, claiming to have dated since November.

He is willing to lie with her.  I have told them we will be in court as they are breaking a court order .  I believe I have proof of when they began dating.She refuses to as much as show me a pic of them together in the fall.  I have told her to give me proof and I will let it go.

I know she is lying and this is why it was put into order. She cannot stay away from a man.  She is willing to risk contempt so that she can be with him all the time.

Thing is...we just got an order signed in January after a long battle and wait for judges decision. I don't want to make the judge angry but they are breaking court order.

What do you think?
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Custody Issues / Re: How Do You Terminate A Mothers Rights?
« Last post by ocean on Apr 17, 2018, 02:52:10 PM »
Call the local DA office and ask for the DA in charge of case to talk to. Ask the DA if they can get you the RO for child with the evidence they have. At the same time your  lawyer should be filing for an emergency hearing with RO attached to stop visits until this can be sorted out with the DA. How can you send child in the middle of all this. Is the mother requesting to see child as scheduled? An emergency hearing happens that day without mother in court. The court/judge will see your evidence (police reports) and decide right then if they will give the RO and emergency custody with no visits or supervised visits. Ask your lawyer about doing that way or else you will be waiting a few weeks to get into court. Good luck!
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Custody Issues / Re: How Do You Terminate A Mothers Rights?
« Last post by WarFighter28 on Apr 16, 2018, 09:48:44 PM »
We did establish a parenting plan the first time but she had it rigged to where I basically only got her for the days that she was in school. So I took her back to court with a modification later and had things changed to where they are at the moment. Every other weekend visitation and some sort of ridiculous summer rotation schedule that she insisted on having in order for her to agree to sign my plan instead of duking it out in court. My new lawyer is very strong and she is the one pushing for supervised visits and pushing a restraining order until we find out if the mother gets charged with anything. She claims that if she does get charged, then we can push for termination of rights but she does say that it will not exactly be a cake walk. She says that we are better off pushing her to sign them away herself after she is in jail. I just found all this information out today at her office while signing all the paperwork that she is filing.
Custody Issues / Re: How Do You Terminate A Mothers Rights?
« Last post by ocean on Apr 16, 2018, 02:55:41 PM »
It is almost impossible to terminate a mother's rights in this country. Your lawyer or even better the DA should have filed a restraining order on both mom and boyfriend until the case goes to trial. Call the district attorney and ask for a restraining order for your child and press for charges. Is CPS involved in all in this case?
Also, you lawyer should be asking if/when visits restart that they be at a supervised center or counseling session. Supervised centers are around in each state where a non-family member watches the visit. Sometimes the parent is ordered to pay for this service so she may have to come up with money for the visits.
Another angle is the school. Use them. Have them document everything with the school nurse if child is sent back over to her house. When she comes in dirty, is homework done on mom's days, is she late or absent on mom's days. They are mandated to call CPS if they see any above issues.

DO you have a new court order ever giving you custody? Sounds like your lawyer is doing this now since mom just gave her to you last time. The only time I have seen a mother lose custody is when the same judge keeps seeing major abuse. Document it all. Do you have contact with the other kids fathers? You can talk to them too and have them document and call CPS if their kids come dirty or other abuse.

Good luck!
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