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the order gives her until close of business Monday. We will be filing for an emergency hearing Tuesday AM if we still have not heard anything... 13th hour...that is why this has taken almost 2 years now!!
I have no advice for you...only empathy... I am so sorry.. I can not imagine how you husband is feeling. YSD needs to be talking to a theripist or a counciler... New Daddy at 11, even if YSD thinks that is what she wants, will have dramatic effects on her emotionally... please, no matter how hard YSD and BM make it for you, do everything you can to make sure YSD gets help coping with all this.....
Custody Issues / Re: witness list
Mar 27, 2012, 07:55:02 AM
the first witness list we got had 15 people on it. We in-turn, sent her a witness list with 15 people on it. At the pre-trial we narrowed the witness list down to the 2 experts and the 2 of us that live in the home with BD. (who has been alienated from his daughter by BM.) She still had 5 witnesses on her list. The judge threw out ALL of her witnesses except one, and we wanted him to testify because it actually made our case stronger. The judge doesn't want to hear about how great your friends thing you are... request a social investigation. It is done on BOTH "BM" and "BD". After reading the final judgement it seems to me the Social investigator is the only person the judge really listened to. Even the testimony that was give by the "character" witnesses and the other expert (Dr. Evans, expert PA and PAS) was only referenced if it pertained to something the social investigator observed or recommended. Good luck! :)
Update... We have heard nothing. Not a peep. Monday is 15 days...  However, it is typical of her and her attorney to fail to respond or take action until the 13th hour... So we will see.... Another month has passed... Can't wait to finally get the ball rolling! I feel like if we can get it started there is nothing she can do to stop it!!! Now that the court knows exactly who she is, it will be much harder for her to pull any of her tricks... Heres to hopeing... Thanks for letting me vent... I will try to keep you updated as to how it goes.. maybe my notes will be helpful to someone else...
We got the judgment last night. The judge was fair in the money department, assets and child support.

She has given BM 15 days to contact JT so they can hire a parental coordinator. BM has a list of evaluations and classes she has to complete and it will be up to the parental coordinator to report to the court if she is doing it. If BM and JT can not agree on a now therapist for MT in 15 days Dr. Evans will pick one. The therapist and the parental coordinator are to be see all court documents and be briefed by the social investigator. As soon as the therapist says MT is ready the parental coordinator is to report to the Judge and she will issue a new time sharing schedule.

That being said, the judge made it very clear that she knows BM is a liar and that she knows BM intentionally alienated MT from JT. The judge made it clear that she is TEMPORARILY leaving MT with BM on the condition that BM complete ALL recommendations of the court, social investigator and parental coordinator with in the time restraints given.

It is clear from the order that the judge is telling BM this is her one chance to make it right. The judge wrote the order in such a way that it is clear that if BM does not comply and participate in the re-unification that she is willing to remove MT from her mother. Part of the final order is actually testimony from Dr. Evans saying that if " the Alienating parent does not have the ability to stop the alienation the only way to insure the child's relationship with the alienated parent is to remove the alienating factor.".

JT and I feel like this is a win for us. While we did not get full custody, we knew that was a long shot. What we did get is a clear warning from the judge to BM that she is willing to "remove the alienating factor" if BM can't comply.
Thank you... I'll try that!  :) :) :) :)
We emailed our attorney Friday...she said it could take UP TO 30 days...and that is is not good to bother the judge!?!? So we will wait... We are at 15 day since the Judge received that last "Petition for Divorce"... At the worst it's 2 more weeks...right??? ;).   Seems like I have been saying "this can't go on much longer" forever!!!
Sorry I have not been on here in a while.. I can say that in trial EVERYTHING went our way...EVERYTHING!!! It has been 21 days since the trial ended and we are still waiting on a judgement!!!! We're going NUTS!!! As soon as we have a judgement I will let everyone know how it goes... While we are anxious to hear what the Judge finally has to say, the stress levels around our house have dropped considerably since the trial ended!!! When I tell you that EVERYTHING went our way...EVERYTHING!! The Social investigator said the child had been coached, that the child showed no anxiety when talking about vacations she went on with her father alone AND that she believes that the mother has INTENTIONALLY ALENATED MT FROM HER FATHER. Dr. Evan WAS great!! The mother couldn't give a single example of abuse. AND the judge threw out all of her evidence. And 3 of her witnesses, because they were irrelevant or repetitive... we continue to WAIT!!!!! Thank you so much!!! You have no idea how helpful this board has been...especially to my sanity, its nice to know you are not alone!!!
1st day of trial went great!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Depos done... Over  90% of the questions were about money... I was SHOCKED!! Probably shouldn't have been... but it has NEVER been about the money for us...only in the capacity of wasting it on lawyers!! So sad.... I really just thought she was crazy... this is worse.... To think that MT has had to go through this over child support that we will and have always been willing to pay... Makes no sense!!!