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Jun 15, 2024, 04:45:16 AM

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can child support be denied

Started by LESLIEONE1, Oct 04, 2004, 05:38:43 AM

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Unfortunately, you will find few friends. I say that because CP moms do not want to give up what they are already getting. Others view your circumstances as an unusual opportunity to show how the shoe is on the other foot. Many take pride in asking, how does it feel? Well, I don't.

You did not say what state you are in. But, it is likely that your kids' child support is based upon parental tobacco and alcohol consumption. It has nothing to do with the needs of your children. Others have mentioned that both parents should share the duty to provide for children. But, child support places primary importance on parental labels, not needs of children.

Child support guidelines should seamlessly proportion an equitable amount of money for children's needs across the time sharing and parentla income distributions that are reality in today's society. I'd be happy to elaborate if you would like.


Kind of like telling Rosa Parks to suck it up until she got changes at the legislative level. The fact that it is a woman getting screwed over in this situation ardly makes it any better. Incidentally, almost every step forward on this issue in court has the woman as the NCP.


Well hey there,

I am the cp. Alot that does me. At this point in time. The current order has been reduced to 17.36 per week. For the last ten years it has been set at $133.00 per week. I have not asked for an increase over this time period nor have I ever asked for a "review".  At this point in time I have just recieved another court statement stating that the new child support will now be $17.36 per week. Okie dokie thrilled, not really, more like Surprised actually. I called the 1800 number since we are now six weeks plus in arrears for the $17.36 per week. I am curious a curious CP wondering what is going on now. According to the computer generated response for the month of August there is no information to give nor is there any information to give for September. Wow and amazing I knew that myself they just confirmed it for me.
I am so tired of the "battle" to just get along that fighting for money to support my kids needs and wants has now left me baffled. No biggie that one wants to play in the band and needs an instrument. I should just sign another contract considering the oldest plays and instrument too. Say, 17 dollars a week doesnt even cover the cost of school lunches. One doctors visit under my insurance because his insurance doesnt cover office visists and I am considered primary on insurance due to having an earlier birthday month. I was born in Feb he was born in Oct. I hope they dont happen to catch say "strep throat" or the common cold my copay is set at $20.00 per office visit, not including a potential perscription. Wow, I am so thrilled that he can help with the cost of a medical office visit.
The court over the past ten years has been pro the ex so as usual its a just deal with it.

I understand that I am one of the "few" CP that has this situation, yet over the years, most people find it surprising that I am the CP with my kids they say I sound more like the NCP.

Sorry for the rant, but I am too tired of life with the ex.



Thank you for a non-harsh reply. I would have no problem paying support for my kids sake, but if everyone that only wants to make jabs at me knew my story completely there attitudes would not be so harsh. I work 40 hours a week at one job and 20 at another, I do not live higher than my means.  when we had 50/50 joint visitation, my ex would pay his support on the very last day possible, he knew how to work the system, it wasnt because he didnt have the money, he just wanted me to have to suffer. I am one of the few women that used support for that, support of my kids, which some people here should realize, support is house, electric, food, clothing. Thank u for your reply. By the way I live in NC and its based on his income vs. mine.


we have joint custody but he has primary physical which means they live most of time with him and visitation with me. I appreciate your reply.


I can only speak for my situation. If I was financially capable of paying support I would be happy to . I work 2 jobs, will sell my home. When we divorced I had full physical custody, had to take him to court to pay support, he still made sure he would pay it on the 21st day, (21 days late) they set up a court order to appear) He did this for 2 years, every month, not because he didnt have the money, but he just wanted to make it difficut for me. My child support went towards house payment, food, clothing, electric, school lunches.  So I can honestly say in my case The mother is not trying for a free ride.  My ex makes over 100,000 a year I make 80% less... Your opinion is your opinion I dont agree.


Well dispite of your sex I will post the same reply as I have to other NCP.


Afterall how will your x be able to buy his/ her bon bons, new house, new car ETC ETC ETC? Untill the laws are changed thats the way it is for us NCP.



SUGAR...I think you DO want it both ways.
As you can see you won't get any sympathy from me because I've been living with having to do without for the past 4 years so stop whining. Interesting that we both live in the great State of NC. LOL


It is likely that you have legitimate issues. But, when you only give bits and pieces of the scenario, it impossible for anyone to make a reasonable opinion about the matter. If you want others to make an reasonable opinion about your particular situation in regards to child support, then you need to provide:

1) How much you make.
2) How much he makes.
3) How much time the child spends with you.
4) how much time the child spends with him.
5) How much time was sought by each parent to bewith the child.
6) Whether there were findings of wrong-doing by the court that weighed into its decision to grant custodial parenting status over the other parent. If so, what those reasons were.

I can think of lots of instances where $17 per week in child support would an equitable child support award.


Equitable child support laws do not need to know who is CP or NCP. Child support should account for the needs of the child, regardless of which parent the child happens to be with at any given time. CS should equitably provide for both the fixed costs and variable costs with each parent. If he makes 5/6 of the joint income he should be responsible for providing for 5/6 of the reasonable needs of the children at each home. If you make 1/6 of the joint income you should be responsible for providing for 1/6 of the reasonable needs of the children at each home.

It should have been that way when you were CP too. Unfortunately, child support only provides for the needs of children while they are with their CP. Child support leaves children to go naked, hungry and homeless if they are to spend any time with their NCP. I am sure that was hard to understand up until you became a NCP.