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Jun 17, 2024, 02:04:33 PM

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What about Walmart? Any takers?

Started by MYSONSDAD, Jun 10, 2005, 12:23:19 PM

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Fine by me, it's all good. You seemed to think I was talking about you - I wasn't. I was talking about the topic.



i guess i won't be buying any AVON products;  no great loss; i never do


unfortunately there are always opposite ends of the spectrum; i too, was a divorced mom with 2 kids.  my ex never paid child support and, in fact was a "professional student" the whole time my children would have been eligible for support.  he purposely took meager, part-time subsistance jobs and pursued his PHd while living off of his new wife's income.  in this way he was able to complete his PHd and get that 6 figure job as a professor of criminal justice as well as the author of several books the SECOND the children were no longer eligible to receive CS.  he had to be FORCED by his new wife to see the children, as he had no interest in them whatsoever  (" i never wanted kids so i shouldn't have to see them or pay for them"  and i quote!)


the hands of time turn and i am now living with my BF, who was KICKED out by the stay at home BM with a bachelor's degree after 15 years of a loveless, sexless marriage.  for almost a YEAR now, he has been paying his ENTIRE paycheck to her and she keeps wanting more and more!  she "lets" him see his 3 kids who he loves madly, but you can tell that she is trying to poison the kids against him.

we've had to buy new shoes for the 2 yr old because they were two sizes too small and she let it go that way for over 2 months!!  even the 2 yr old with his limited vocabulary said "too tight" when putting on his shoes!

BM tells the SKs that "mommy pays for everything and daddy pays for nothing" etc. etc.  UNbelievable!!!