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Jun 15, 2024, 05:06:03 AM

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how to stop enforcement of child support

Started by spinner, Jun 21, 2006, 10:03:50 PM

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leon clugston

what kind of clarification were you looking for?

leon clugston

what kind of clarification were you looking for?


I was trying to find the case you mentioned, could you please tell me more about it?


leon clugston

the case is my case 3years of research just entered into the federal district in the state of alaska, Leon Clugston v. Erick Smith-Kevin D. Williams, Rachela King. Richard Romero. Ray Hollenbeck. and Crystal Langham, ( all in there personal capacity) including john does 1-20,,it will go up to the 9th and eventualy the Supreme,,the district court has already shown it can't rule on the issues I brought forth,,,especially the complicated issues that all they above entities broke federal law, and did so with malice, while under the guise of following fedral law.If youo are reALY ENTERESTED SEND ME AN EMAIL AND ILL'E JUST send you a copy.


It's ok, I don't have time, was just wondering what it was in general. Thanks for the offer.

leon clugston

the case is about a judge and entities within the agency of the state operating outside federal law acting out of there official capacity, violating fundamental rights, with no law in support of there actions. Operating with no Oath of Office with no judicial powers, no executive powers, and issueing bills of attainer(pains and penalties) against the citizens, and for banishing I from my citizenship class , as a citizen of United States and one of the several states, to one of the citizens of the United States of America under the Administrative states,(receiver of gratuity) afforded no constitutional rights, with no due process of law, and no independant judge due to the COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS between the state, the federal Welfare program, and the agency operating within the state of Alaska, and region 10 in Seatlle that oversees all child support judgments from the state of Alaska, that decides rather the judgements are in compliance with the Child Support network cooperative agreements or to fine the state punitively for violating there agreement to rule in favor of the agency operating in the state.


Spinner, my ex and I did this and all I did was go to the CSE and tell them that due to the fact that we had agreed, I wanted to terminate the child support. As long as noone is on any kind of social services benefits like food stamps or medicaid, they don't have much choice in the matter. They will try to talk her out of it, but it can be done.

For us, it was simply signing a piece of paper in their office and they filed it in our record at the court house.

Good luck!



what do they do to try to talk her out of it?

Like you know you can get money out of him more, ... ???


I must have missed somthing, what CS laws are changing in 2007 - 2008?

leon clugston

what makes me so currrious is why no one asks the paternal question, these people are not OFFICERS of The UNITED STATES, so there for they hold no OATH of OFFICE, no executive powers, and no Judicial Powers, so where or how do they get authority that they dont have? A case just went before the United States federal district court in the State of Alaska, where as the Attorney General with drew, without any opposition due to that very fact, that they cannot go there nor defend what they dont have.