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18yo - No HS Diploma Yet

Started by HD Dad, Jul 03, 2007, 11:19:50 AM

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HD Dad

Washington State

re: Parenting Plan:

3.13 TERMINATION OF SUPPORT. Support shall be paid until the children reach the age of 18 or as long as the children remain(s) enrolled in high school, whichever occurs last, except as otherwise provided below in Paragraph 3.14.

3.14 POST SECONDARY EDUCATION SUPPORT. The right to petition for post secondary support is reserved, provided that the right is excercised before support terminates as set forth in paragraph 3.13

My Son turned 18yo in February 2007. He was scheduled to graduate June of 2007. He basically flunked a grade while attending "alternative" programs such as "running start", "head start", alternative DIY at home schools...wasn't the programs fault. He is a smart kid but very lazy and his Mom takes a "hands off" approach with him. He is behind due to this laziness and not due to disabilities.

The program he is in now, as far as I know, is "Head Start". Talking to his counselor in vague generalities (I can't access his records) he can get an Associates Degree BEFORE he gets his High School Degree. (I guess the "deal" with this is as long as he doesn't have a HS Degree the state gives him free books....not that I care). What I DO care about is that I might be supporting this Adult, for who knows how long, as he gets his Associates Degree FIRST and THEN his HS Degree. Last I heard he MIGHT be done with both in December of 2007.


Since he is not in a "High School" and over 18yo do I have to pay for him? The program he is in he CAN get a HS degree but it is not a High School.

He is "off" for the Summer. Do I owe support?

Can I not pay in lew of getting his records? I don't even know how he is doing in the program.

How would the Court look at this? This is the most important question.

General comments?

HD Dad

PS I would like to post this in the "Washington" section but when I go to that sub-forum none of the issues come up. I have a login. Is login and registration one and the same?   Thank You.

HD Dad


Written to my Son (below). Sent Registered mail. His Mom got a CC on the letter sent Registered mail. Both received. I have not gotten anything back.

I suspect he did not go to school in the Spring. 18yo on 2/16/07. I have not paid CHSUP for July yet. What should I do? Can I withhold CHSUP in being that both he and his Mom are in violation of the RCW? How would the courts look at this?

Son,                                                                          June 18, 2007

I have emailed you several times. I have asked you both verbally and via email for your school records.

Due to the fact you are over the age of 18, your Court mandated support hinges on the fact of whether or not you are fruitfully making progress toward your High School Diploma.

Please send me records that prove you have been enrolled, attending and passing courses that have the goal of you obtaining a High School Diploma. Something that covers all the time between now and when you last attended High School. Include cumulative credits up to now. I need something official.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience but no later than June 28, 2007.

Thank You,


RCW 26.09.225 Access to child's education and health care records.

(1) Each parent shall have full and equal access to the education and health care records of the child absent a court order to the contrary. Neither parent may veto the access requested by the other parent.

(2) Educational records are limited to academic, attendance, and disciplinary records of public and private schools in all grades kindergarten through twelve and any form of alternative school for all periods for which child support is paid or the child is the dependent in fact of the parent requesting access to the records.

(3) Educational records of postsecondary educational institutions are limited to enrollment and academic records necessary to determine, establish, or continue support ordered pursuant to RCW 26.19.090. [1991 sp.s. c 28 § 3; 1990 1st ex.s. c 2 § 18; 1987 c 460 § 17.]


Why aren't you allowed access to his records? Do you not have joint legal? Is is specifically mentioned in your parenting agreement? Is the school not Federally Funded?

If you have joint legal, it is not specifically mentioned, and the school is Federally funded, then you do have rights to get the information that you need.

The quote that you put at the bottom of the letter is the law for schools and doctors to follow not your son or ex. If you ARE legally allowed access to the records and are being denied, let us know. Many of us had to go through the hoops to get the schools to comply.

If I were you I would file a motion to compel, or even file to close your CS case. Let them prove that he deserves to be supported. Go to the courthouse and ask for the forms to close your CS case.

Worst case scenario that I can think of is that you file to close the cs case. BM shows you that he is in school still. You drop the case.

If you really think he is no longer in school at all, I don't see anything wrong with not making anymore payments until they prove otherwise. Keep the $ in a savings account incase you are wrong though.

It seems if your kid didn't go to school in the Spring, then you are never going to be bound to pay for college.

One side note though, why did you deal with your son about this? It doesn't look good that you sent him that letter instead of just sending it to his mom.

Sorry about the rushed nature of the reply. I'm at work.

HD Dad


Son is in Community College and doing "Head Start". Believe it or not when they are in these programs the CHILD (even if minor) has to sign release form to let the parents see their progress. Most of the time the students WANT to go to these programs and if they are a minor and refuse to do the release the parents pull them out.

In my case he is 18yo....though, per the law I am entitled. His mother could care less...just long as she gets the $932/mo CHSUP she is happy.

This has been a very long struggle.

How would the Judge view me if I quit paying with my own, personal, "just cause" reason? In Washington State I believe you have to petition the Court to quit paying CHSUP. This way the BM can sue you (has notice) for  Post Secondary Ed support (PSES). This support can go until they are 23yo.

One cannot use logic. One has to think how the Court thinks. The rules for Non-Cohabitives is much more restrictive that Cohabitives. Cohabitives can decide on how much  PSES to give....if any at all. For divorced folks like me I have no choice. This is Washington State you know.......Fathers are only money machines here per the Courts view.



Does your parenting agreement have anything in it as far as your rights to information related to your child? If it does, post it word for word.



>Why aren't you allowed access to his records? Do you not have
>joint legal? Is is specifically mentioned in your parenting
>agreement? Is the school not Federally Funded?

Unfortunately, with the latest privacy rules, parents can't get their adult children's school records without the kid's express, written permission.

I paid for my SD to go to college and wanted a copy of her report card. No way. I asked for them to send me a copy of her financial statement to make sure we had paid everything due. Not a chance. They DID, however, send us the bill when it was due. So we could pay the bill, but not receive a receipt showing that it was paid.

Apparently, they're not allowed to give out ANYTHING to anyone except the student.

Wierd, but true.

HD Dad

No it does not. But the RCW's do and they hold as much, or more, weight than the PP.

HD Dad

There should be laws on the books in your state that allows you records as far as course load, attendance, grades go. In Washington there are laws as such.


>There should be laws on the books in your state that allows
>you records as far as course load, attendance, grades go. In
>Washington there are laws as such.

I would be surprised if they're still in effect. There are new Federal privacy laws (last few  years) which trump state laws. We searched pretty thoroughly and it was quite clear that the schools (both daughters) could not release information to us.

HD Dad

Yes. This is true but in order for children at any age to receive support THEY are bound by giving out what the states requires them to give out. If not then they don't get support.