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Jul 17, 2024, 09:57:31 AM

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When do they suspend your license in Ohio

Started by stepmom2morgan, Mar 22, 2005, 10:59:09 AM

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My dh has been out of work since the beginning of Nov.  This is the first time he's not paid his child support in the 5 years DSD has been alive.  He owes a little over $1000.  He got pulled over a couple weeks ago for accelerating too soon and found out his lisence had been suspended!  Therefore he got a DUS.  We got the letter stating it had been suspended the next day.  Talk about bad luck, I know.  But they should've told us in advance right?  My main question is does anybody know what the law is as to how they decide when to suspend your license?  Is there a certain amount of money you have to owe or a certain amount of time that has passed or is it case-manager driven?  If it's case-manager driven I'm gonna be pissed cuz I know she doesn't like us since I've caught her in 3 different mistakes where they've said we owe money we don't owe.  Anyway, if anybody knows, let me know.  Thanks so much!
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