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Jul 18, 2024, 03:45:00 AM

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Loony people

Started by mistoffolees, Dec 01, 2006, 09:05:52 AM

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I wonder why there are so many loony people out there.... I don't want to imply for a second that it's only women - but I have to deal with one.

My STBX called me screaming this morning because I allegedly took her snow shovel (and we got a good bit of snow last night). She said she needed the driveway cleaned because she's a nurse and needs to get to work. Apparently, she had the shovel yesterday, but can't find it today, so I must have broken into her house to steal it. It doesn't matter that I was in meetings with my boss all day yesterday and had dinner with him until well after she got home. It didn't matter that it was all a lie (she decided last night to take the day off work, anyway, so didn't need the driveway cleared at all). It didn't matter that I drove through the snow to loan her my shovel until she could figure out where she put hers (with no thanks, at all).

The kicker was when she told me that I'd have to shovel her driveway for her or she'd ask her attorney to file for sole custody. (We have 50:50 physical custody while waiting for a final settlement and my 8 yo daughter is very happy and thriving with that. I guess in my STBX's mind, her desire to get out of shoveling her own driveway (she's an exercise nut and is excellent physical shape) is more important than her daughter's well-being.

Of course, I've had to deal with this for years - which is a large part of the reason I filed for divorce. Fortunately, I have an excellent attorney, so I'm pretty confident that she can't get away with much, but it just makes me shake my head to wonder what goes on in someone's head.


I would document this threat.  That is crazy.  If she doesn't want to shovel her own driveway, she could always hire somebody to do it.


and maybe he could get FULL custody...what  a NUT!!!
Now I'm living....Just another day in Paradise!!


In an ideal world, that's true. But it's my word against hers and she's already telling me I made it up.

I'll be happy with 50:50 if she lets it go without a fight. As loony as she is, my daughter does need both parents and she mostly keeps her wierd stuff for me (with only a few exceptions). Of course, if she wants a battle, we're going for a full psych evaluation.