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what do we do now?

Started by mudbunnies, Nov 25, 2003, 08:40:59 AM

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We just received the following letter from the bio-mom's attorney;

Regarding you contacting Dr. XX for information on the XX (prescription) that is prescribed for son, this is medication for his allergies and is given as needed.  All information from Dr. Foley will be given by the primary custodial parent, XX.

Son will not be available for telephone contact on Thanksgiving day and make-up telephone contact will be Wednesday, December 3, 2003, at the usual time.  Your next weekend visitation will be xxx at the usual place and time.

Christmas visitation will begin on Friday, December 19, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. at xxx with a return of the child on December 26 at 2:00 p.m. If you can not personally return Wesley on Friday, then the return will be on Christmas Day at the usual time.  There will be no extended xmas visitation.  Mom will have contact on xx, xx and xx during your visitation.

As the custodial parent of son, Mom is concerned for his safety and well being while visiting your home.  There have been several times that son has been returned home with extensive bites and bruises on his body.  This has been documented and Mom requests that you supervise son more closely.  It has been reported to Mom that you have not been present for most of the last two visitations.  Visitation is for the non-custodial parent, not any other member of your family.


who the F*** does this guy think he is?

i'm angry right now, yes, its obvious, bio mom and her attorney just think they can dictate anything they want...

as for the history of why we got this letter;

dad called bio-mom last nite, she refused to answer, dad left message asking what a good time to call on turkey day was because 6:30 - 7:00 is the calling time and dad was offering to call at different time so as not to interrupt their thanksgiving dinner...

xmas break is supposed to start per court order; the day child gets out of school.... not on friday two days later at night... yes we know its only two days but damn when all you get is EOW you take every 5 minutes they give....

bio mom has NO ZERO court ordered telephone times.....

and this "documented" bruises and bug bites... OMG bio mom thinks tv is the world's greatest babysitter and the kid never leaves the house, yes we do things, yard work, hiking, camping, riding bikes, fly kites, build things, we dont hide it, we encourage it,

and visitation is not for family members.... visitation is for the children..

DAD has been present every single second of every visitation except one afternoon he had to go to work at SPRING BREAK back in march/april area...lying b*****

god, what do we do now, write a letter? yeah what will that do

file for emergency help? yeah the attorney will refuse to coordinate and the what will the judge think

this poor kid... his bio mom thinks he's just a pawn used to piss off dad

sorry for the vent