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Author Topic: Returning Child's Clothes After Visitation  (Read 13814 times)


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RE: Returning Child's Clothes After Visitation
« Reply #40 on: Aug 31, 2005, 07:38:32 AM »
Ok, been there, done that.  We've learned our lesson with regards to my stepchildren's clothes.

My stepchildren see us once a month....and when my dh's parents buy them clothes for birthdays, easter, Xmas, etc..we send it home to their mother.  Why you ask?  Because what is the sense of keeping clothes at our house for children we see once a month for two days at a time?  Who does that hurt?  The kids.  Why should we hoard away nice, new clothing for kids we rarely see.

On the other hand, I can certainly see the point being made by other posters with regards to sending the children home in the clothing they have at their houses for the children.....my thinking on this is:  If the child's custodial parent refuses to send the child to the NCP in nice clothes because she/he is afraid that it won't be returned, then don't expect the NCP to send the child back with the nice clothes THEY have provided for the child as well.

*sigh*  May the mud fly at me now.


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RE: Returning Child's Clothes After Visitation
« Reply #41 on: Sep 01, 2005, 08:14:12 AM »
When my fiance & his Ex first separated, he told her to take any thing from the house that she wanted (she wanted to move out) - she took almost all of the children's clothes that fit! Everything left was either too small or ready to be thrown away. He had to purchase all new things for them, his best friend and I have also spent hundreds of dollars for new wardrobes.

When the children would come to him on Thursday he would take whatever they wore and wash it and put it in a plastic bag to take back to BM. He would dress them on Sunday in clothes from his house. However, when he would forget an undershirt or put the wrong pair of shorts in the bag; she would call him and ask him to bring it to her. But she would never return what he sent on accident. This happened several times and he never got back anything from her.

I told him to send them back home on Sunday, in what they came to his house in on Thursday. He has maintained new clothes/shoes/jackets at his house for them to wear. His best friend does not want the clothes she buys for them to be sent to the BM house. She would send the kids to him in the ugliest, dirtiest, tackiest clothes I've ever seen. It made them look like they rolled out of a gutter!

She even freaked out one day at my house when she came to pick them up and my fiance put the wrong sweatshirt on their son.

[b]I don't see anything wrong with what you are doing.[/b]


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Something you might enjoy....
« Reply #42 on: Sep 01, 2005, 01:27:45 PM »
No only do I take pictures, have witnesses, but also use weather underground to document the temperature and other weather related issues.

Videotape being presented by ex, will not only show the date and time, but will show the way our son is dressed. Then the documentation of the "improper dressing" will be submitted by her own hand. So, she will be submitting to the court, her negligence.

"Children learn what they live"


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