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Author Topic: Must take my child to all extra curricular activites, even on my weekend,  (Read 8757 times)


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>Well, the judge ordered that I
>have to take him to anything my ex signs him up for like
>soccer, or baseball on one of my two weekends.  That means we
>can now only go up to the Poconos once a month!  And the
>kicker is that she doesn't have to take him to anything I sign
>him up for, like bowling on her weekends!  Talk about a double
>standard!!!     Hes content to play have the season, and come
>with his dad the other two weekends.   I thought that if its
>my weekend, I can do what I want with my son.  I don't tell
>her what to do on her weekends!  I don't get it!!!  
>Please help!!!!!!    

Tommy, you said you had joint legal custody? Is there anything in your current MSAs, etc that deals with this? In my case, it very explicitly says that neither my ex nor I may sign up our kids for an activity that crosses over to the other's time unless we have prior written permission. Would that work for you?

Did you sign your DS up for bowling without consulting your ex?


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RE: Two wrongs don't make a right!
« Reply #31 on: Mar 02, 2006, 02:42:53 PM »
>There's a difference between parenting and babysitting, and
>babysitting is what an NCP is reduced to in situations where
>the CP is allowed to make all decisions about what the child
>does, regardless of where the child is.  In our situation, the
>CP tends to wait until two days before an activity before
>telling the NCP that the child needs to be somewhere.  This
>frequently interferes with family plans... has interfered with
>two birthday parties and a sleepover with the child's cousins.
> When a NCP has limited time and contact with the child, it is
>absolutely imperative that family events or NCP time be
>honored.  In our situation, the CP is very adament that the
>NCP cannot tell the CP what to do during CP's time, but in the
>reverse, is quite happy telling the NCP how to parent, when to
>parent, where to parent.  We talk so frequently about the best
>interests of the child, but truly, for the sake of our
>children's future marriages, isn't it best to not teach that a
>father's role is to do whatever mom says?  If NCPs constantly
>make accomodations to what the CP demands, the NCP teaches the
>child that the CP is more important than anything, and
>seriously skews the child's perception of a healthy
>marriage/parenting relationship.

Well Said!


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