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Well the thing that gets me the most out of all this, is I am a female and I have gone through CSE to collect support from my x. Well because he was a sub contractor they basically did nothing for me. I was the one who had to take him to court every month, I was the one who had to get his taxes.

But my husband now who pays support on time every week and his half of every doctor bill still gets screwed. Not only be CSE but also by the Judges. For example, DH's X kept 4 years of doctor bills some were in DH name and were in collection and they were all mailed to her. Well one day she decides to get money back on all these bills. We went to court explained to the Judge that we never saw a bill from her that did not matter. So the Judge said we owed $6,500.00. She had four years with these bills and we got 4 months to pay it off. The Judge did not want to hear about the bills in his name or that went into collection. The Judge told the mother she had 30 days to send us the bill once she receives it. And since Feb. of 2004 we still have not seen a bill. But now we go off of what we get from the insurance company. For NO Judge will make the mother pay the hole bll. But if he did not follow a court order guess what.

I really feel for the dads who pay there support and get screwed. It is not fair and I can not stand the mothers who use it to there own good.

K. Lessen

Child Support Issues / RE: Over payment in child support
« on: Jun 20, 2007, 01:34:24 PM »
When my husband called CSE last week to find out about the over payment they told him it is considered a gift now.

Since I last posted, I have contacted an attorney who told me that CSE is suppose to send a term. letter to the employer once they see there is no arrearage.  My attorney also informed me that CSE does this kind of sh-- all the time. Some fathers do something about it and others do not. But she is sending a letter to the x demanding the payment back or we will go to court and ask for her to pay all attorney fees, since she has been sitting on that check for two weeks now.

The x called CSE and they told her to send the money back to them and they would send us a check. Well that seems real funny when they told us it is considered a gift.

But it really does not matter now, that the attorney is taking care of this. For I know the x is not going to want to go to court and pay for our fees.

K. Lessen

Child Support Issues / RE: Over payment in child support
« on: Jun 19, 2007, 04:46:34 PM »
the thousands of dollars was over paid a few years ago when they stated he was behind and he wasn't, but it took also six months to bring it into court and payments were being made all that time.

I just want to know, will she have to make the payment back to him knowing she was not suppose to get it. She even called to find out if she was suppose to get this payment and DH told her no and to send it back. She said it's a gift now.

Child Support Issues / Over payment in child support
« on: Jun 19, 2007, 03:39:15 PM »
Hello, I am asking on behalf of my husband. My husband has been paying child support on his daughter. It should of ended June 1, 2007. The reason for the term. is the fact that she is done with school and 18. Plus that is what the court order stated. DH has a withholding issue from CSE for the child support. In May when my DH went to check on his case with CSE and remind them that it ends the beginning of June they informed him that he could not discuss anything about his case. For he was not intitle to. (My husband always has problems with these peopel.) So DH went to his employeer to remind them of when to stop taking it out of his check. Well guess what is still being taken out of his check?

When DH called CSE then told them that there computer had a problem and did not get it out in time. He called them on the 14th of this month and they re-issued the term. withholding the 14th of this month. DH asked CSE about the payment that was made since they failed to get the letter out in time, he was told it is a gift. How can it be a gift when they failed to help him, nor did they sent the term letter to his employeer until he called? They were able to get the medical support term letter out in time, but not the child support letter. Isn't that funny.

How do we get that money back? X wife has received over $10,000.00 in over payment for a screw up that CSE has done to his case and they consider it all a gift. So DH is not about to give her an extra cent. For his daughter does not even get the money.

this is in the state of Illinois Mclean county

K. Lessen

Child Support Issues / RE: Illinois Child Support - Please HELP!
« on: Jun 14, 2006, 08:17:59 PM »
Step- mom to another step-mom.
Ours is in Illinois also.
I know my husband had the same thing when his son moved on with him and the daughter stayed with mom. I know the courts took both incomes and 20% and did it that way. Instead of my husband having to pay over a hundred dollars a week it went down to eighty something.

The 17 yr old. Is she in school? Because if she is not and you can prove that with school records of her dropping out, then CS has to drop her. For you must pay as long as she is in school. At least that is what we are told.

For your 19 yr. old.
My husband has a 22yr old in college. Mother could not help her in anyway. And since BM could not help well then by courts eyes we do not have to either, and we don't. For we only her from her when she needs money or her birthday money.

Dear Socrateaser / RE: Trying to get copies of medical bills
« on: Jun 20, 2006, 05:01:58 PM »
So then you are saying we should pay the bill then collect the half from her?

I always thought we pay half to the doctor and she pays the other half to the doctors.

For that is what we have been doing.

Are we doing it wrong????????

Dear Socrateaser / Trying to get copies of medical bills
« on: Jun 20, 2006, 01:59:56 PM »
Ex wife who is CP is suppose to send me copies of all medical bills w/in 30 days of her receiving them. She does not. We just received bills from last April to January of this year.

Have told EX to call office and let doctor know to send me a bill. She will not do that. We just went throught this two years ago with four years of bills she kept. And we were court order ot pay them. WE did.

Husband called billing department to get a copy everytime she is seen. He provides the insurance for her. Again they told him they would need an okay from BM, unless he wants to be the gaurntee. (sp)

Husband agrees to it. Well the mother has paid nothing on the bill since 05. And the bills have been going to her address. We just got this done today.

State of Illinois, Mclean county


1. Now that husband is now responsiable for the bill, what can he do to get BM to pay what she owes from 05?

Everytime we call her or send her a letter and what bills we paid in the past BM claims it's a nasty letter.

2. How do we let her know that we are getting the bills now and not her for she can not send them to us within the time the court told her to?

3. Should I send the copy of the bill for she is to pay 1/2 of what insurance does not cover by certified mail?

Dear Socrateaser / RE: my recent experience...
« on: Jun 15, 2006, 05:08:49 PM »
This is so damn confusing. Forgive me and me french.

Aug. of 2004 Petition for entry of Judgment states I qoute from paper," 1. The judgment herein requires that each party pay one half of any medical bills incurred on behalf of the minor children of the parties that are not covered by insurance."

Oct of 2004 Support order
CP kept 4 yrs of medical bills and all of a sudden wanted her half back. Fine I can understand that I would want it to. (But I would want them sooner then four yrs down the road when it totaled over 2K)
In support order and every order he has ever recived from time of divorce in 1996
I quote" The obligor shall carry health insurance for the above named children and pay 50% of uncovered health exspenses. All necessary documentation for the use of insurance shall be provided to the obligee immediately."

This ortho thing is because she has an under bite. And the ortho has told us just yesterday that this is not medically needed it is just cosmedic to have straight teeth.

We were told nothing of this under CP sent us bills.

Court order state half of unpaid medical exspenses.
Found out ortho work being done is cosmedic, and if she did not have it
    done her health would not be affected.

My question's

1. what is "Medical"?
2. Does vision fall under medical?
3. Does ortho fall under medical?
4. Does cosmedic fall under medical?
5. Does dental fall under medical?

I am sorry for that.
Illinois court order to provide medical insurance until June of 2007.
Court order to pay half of all exspenses that insurance does not cover
   on medical and dental until June of 2007.
Needing major mouth work done, but cost of it will not end until two to
   four years after support ends.
Still finding out if this is a medical issue or just cosmedic.

1. Does my exspense end when the order ends in June of 2007?

2. Daughter will be eighteen in Sept. of this year, does that effect the    
       the end of support and her working full time since last year?

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