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Jun 15, 2024, 03:31:05 AM

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Can he modify support?

Started by madmom, Jan 01, 2005, 03:01:19 PM

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

What is so Christian about you wanting to violate your ex by using a child???


If he files for custody of the 6 year due to the situation with the 13 year old & not to mention the fact that he has the means to provide more financially he has a heck of a good chance. If this happens how are you going to pay child support even if it's a small amount? Think about it, say he pays 800, the 13 is in jail, and he gets custody of the 6 year old. You are ordered (because of lack of educational & career skills) to pay 200 a month. This is a total of 1,000 coming out of your house a month. Think about it....NOTHING IS A GIVEN, YOUR CUSTODY WAS NEVER GUARENTEED & by purchasing a house beyond your means you just set yourself up again for failure!!!!!
As for legal bills. Why would he pay yours? The party that is sometimes ordered to pay legal fees is the one who wronged the other party. That would be YOU by refusing to settle for less support knowing full well your ex shouldn't have pay support twice. The judge can award HIS attorneys fees REGARDLESS of your ability to pay. The judge can also order you find employment.
You just don't understand that you are skating on thin ice here do you? We aren't making these statements to be mean to you. The statements were made because this is what is LIKELY to happen in court.
Let it be your wakeup call. Settle it before your actions once again cause another domino effect. Surely you can find a night job or a weekend job to make up the difference until the deliquent son is returned to your care. (if that happens, because if he's a ward of the state they can keep him until he's 21.)


they taught that it was ok to take advantage of your exhusband and make him pay for your house.

Must have missed the Sunday when they taught that it was ok to have your exhusband pay the state and pay you for the care of your child.

Must have missed the Sunday when they taught that it was fine to have kids and use them as an excuse to sit home and do nothing and let other people support you.

Christian?  How funny.

Just had to add - - - you are absolutely correct that I do not consider myself "christian".  And the reason is attitudes like yours.  I would not want to associate myself we a group that simply throws out "being christian" as an excuse for any and all behaviour, as long as it suits their purpose.  


Why is your son incarcerated?


LMAO I am actually Catholic, and I didn't read anything in my posts offensive. JUST Factual.

OH your a great Christian, aren't you suppose to help others and forgive, instead you want hand outs.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


He poor son musta been forced to go to church and forced to do this and that and, that is why she couldn't control and keep her son on the straight and narrow path.

Personally if she was a stay home mom how the hell did her son get into trouble with the law, as a stay home mother isn't it easier to monitor when, when and where and whom the kids are with??

I work full time and have a 12yr, I know where he is at, who he is with and what they are doing, how do I know this, MY SON CAN'T LIE, he has tried, but comes to me and fesses up within a day.

You need to get your life in order so your other kids don't go doing ilegall stuff to.

**These are my opinions, they are not legal advice**


Madmom drives a cadilliac too?


My father always said the biggest hypocrits sit in the front pew of the Church.

You must have missed the Sunday sermon that reviewed the Ten Commandment...Honor Thy Mother AND Thy FATHER.  

Your children's father is nothing but a welfare check for you and your new husband.  Shame on you!!!!!  You lazy, lazy excuse for a woman and a mother.


And why should you receive child support from your ex when the child is not in your care.  You are a typical example of why the system is so screwed.  We all know that the money that is supposed to used for the child is quite often used for other things.  And women like you feel that it is right.  Three Cheers for the ex.