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Father's Issues / Re: Can't find my kids!
« on: Dec 09, 2018, 11:56:58 AM »
Few questions:1. How old is chid(ren)?2. Why did child support court hold ex address?3. Do you have a visitation schedule?

Have you tried going to the court house for all copies of your file? Maybe on there there.One option can be to request court ordered counseling with children so you can start to form a relationship outside ex and with a therapist that can guide the conversation.

Also, if you still have rights to children, you can request your child's school records to be mailed to you. You can mail the request letter to the district office of the few school districts your kids may in. Not the individual schools, the district so one letter to whole district. You can then request parent portal to get school records , info, grades, attendance from there.

Do you know grandparents or other families information. Can send something to kids through them? Be careful about harassing any family members, one time letter asking them to forward info to your children.
Good luck!

Child Support Issues / Re: Child support for school aged kids?
« on: Nov 26, 2018, 04:03:56 PM »
Some people include it in their divorce to split activities but it is not included in child support in my state. Half of medical (copays, insurance prem, dental, eye glasses) are usually included with a child support order. It is usually very hard to go back and ask for changes but you could ask for a COLA increase in child support every few years. If your order is through the state you can ask them to do it without court. Your ex can ask for a hearing to explain why COLA should not be allowed. If you do not use state to collect child support you can ask for a COLA hearing. You can find out how much that is and talk to your ex and agree to it so not court or any other amount. Or maybe you wont ask for COLA increase if ex will agree to half activities.

He really can not lower it with a very good reason at the same time you can not ask for his it be adjusted more than COLA unless you have very good reason. Him owning things, getting a second job to better his lifestyle is not your concern. Is he paying child support through the state? If so, you can ask them to do a a COLA review. In my state, you can request this and they will adjust it if it has been long enough (goes by COLA increases and most be a certain number before they adjust). You do not go to court for this, he can request a hearing why the COLA should not go into effect. If you support is not through state you can file a modification for a COLA increase as you have never had an increase since original order.

How long as father not used his Sundays? If he just showed up after years then you can suggest a few weeks of getting to know him first, shorter visits, you there in a public place.

Custody Issues / Re: Legal authority
« on: Nov 26, 2018, 03:52:10 PM »
Is the child study team through your local school district? They should do full testing that included a connor's scale for ADD/ADHD. What did the pediatrician say about going somewhere for testing?
Technically you have to inform the other party and then agree if you have joint legal. Maybe ask the judge for sole medical and educational custody as mother is interfering with any/all ways to get child help for ADD/ADHD. What does the Gal say? She may be able to help?

The child study team can make a decision without parent consent. It is a team decision not parent. What was decided at end of meeting?

Not worth it, but you could send him a certified letter stating that if he plans on using his visitation time, please let you know at least 2 weeks before so you can make arrangements. This way you are not waiting around each week to see if he shows up.

Why is your lawyer not filing in family court to get custody back? Maybe file paperwork with strong statements with dates/facts in the petition that states something like "petitioner has passed drug tests and jumped through CPS hoops for the last xx weeks/months and the case is now closed. Petitioner is asking the courts intervene and allow petitioner  to regain custody. Tell your lawyer you want petition to be strongly worded.How old are the children? If they are in school are you in the same school district? Custody is in the best interest of the kids so just because you are clean now does not mean they should have to change schools/friends midyear. How often do you see them now? Are you allowed more time at your parents house? Go to the kids school and outside activities/sports events if you are allowed.

Few questions:1. Is there a current court case and a future court date?2. Who is this investigator ? From CPS- child protective services? If yes, call and ask to speak to supervisor. Ask for supervisor name/email. Send letter overnight or email supervisor with detailed time line with dates and what happened. Ask that they intervene or get assigned a new case worker.

Custody Issues / Re: Custody Change
« on: Sep 24, 2018, 03:37:50 PM »
Change of custody is very hard to do but if you are moving and possible, move into same school district as child. Then you can go back to court and ask for more time as you are now in same school district- maybe win the time grandma has him during week. Maybe split custody. Once you move, keep track of where he is on which days. Document. Also, do you have a relationship with other father? You can ease SS mind but saying that dad and you guys are friends and he will always get to see his siblings.
Does mom have any outstanding charges now?
Start being involved at school and when you move even more. Educational neglect can be called by the school to DCF for grades and absences. Keep documenting and when you go back for time in your petition you can list why the father wants more time especially during the school week. Also if you go back to court, have it written that mom will not move school districts without consent of father....

Custody Issues / Re: Custody Battle
« on: Sep 19, 2018, 03:00:36 PM »
Look up your state "motion to dismiss" fill it out and file it yourself at the clerk office. This way the judge must rule on it, verbal they can just say no and move on without a written reason why....

Custody Issues / Re: Custody Battle
« on: Sep 08, 2018, 01:09:36 PM »
Our lawyer did a verbal dismissal the day of court but I would not do that again, tell lawyer to write up an dismissal paperwork and file it right away, this way judge has to rule on it in some way and give reason why/why not.

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