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talked with several lawyers, they all have the same theme. I will get custody and if the mom and i work together it should be very easy. after interviewing several, i have fou found one i liked and i am hiring him. He is going to take payments until my retainer is there, then file for change of custody. I should have this rolling by the end of Jan. I am wanting to move my daughter, the mom and her other daughter out here with me. I feel that it's best, i dont want to seperate the sisters.

the mom has no money, or a job. or a home of her own, thats why the children are with the grandparents. i am going to talk to every attorney in that area. I will do anything to get my little girl, and even if i have to ge married to do it, what am i supposed to do? They have alienated her from me, i want my little girl she is so beautiful, and smart. I feel helpless again, but i must fight and do what ever it takes to get her, my daughter told me she never stopped looking for me, she didnt believe i was dead. She says she is daddies girl and loves me so much. And wants her brother....my heart is melting and i feel like a caged wild animal willing to do anything for her. I have no idea how i can pay for another blood sucking lawyer, but i will find a way i suppose. gosh this is the hardest couple years of my life, and it probably took several years off my lifespan, my heart is broken i need my baby :(

no they do not know im talking to her, they would never allow that. my daughter has told me they told her i never wanted her, i wanted a boy and i didnt love her, and then said i was killed. they told the mother they filed abandonment on me, but i pay CS through child support enforcment and i have two years of paystubs to prove it. I pulled some of the court papers, and when the mother was doing the temporary guardianship, they stated i lived in north carolina, when i was in california. I am stable a great father with custody of my son, do i stand a chance? i am going to talk to lawyers in that state, but honestly i can not afford another one, i just got done paying off my fuirst one and it has been a real hardship, maxing credit cards and unable to pay them, if that makes sense. the mother and i have been talking alot, we thought about since she does not have her own home etc that if we got married, that we would get the children easily, im not sure if that would work or not.

she is in another state, i talk to my daughter daily. I am supposed to have access to her but the mother signed for them to have temporary gaurdianship. this case is different, for my son i was getting a divorce. my daughter told me her grandma told her i was dead, and i died in a earthquake. told the mother i never paid child support, but i have two years of paystubs to prove otherwise. when the mother signed for temp guardianship, her grandmother staed i lived in north carolina that was 5 years ago. I have that paper work, i got it from the court house, which im going to call them and have all filed paper work sent to me. I feel like they blocked my daughter from me. I dont have the packages, but the mother is witness to it

Custody Issues / Grandparents have gaurdianship of daughter (help)
« on: Dec 12, 2009, 08:57:52 PM »
well i won my custody issue after my divorce, well now the next chapter, it goes like this:

I had a child from a one night stand, she is 13 now, the mom does not have her own place and her parents got gaurdianship. I have been paying child support for years. Well her mom and I decided we want to have our child, would getting married help our case to get custody of her? The grandparents have temporary guardianship as far as i know, they have always blocked me from contact, refuse to let me talk to her on the phone, send gifts back etc. Well now i have found her online, and we have been talking alot, she wants her daddy, and daddy wants her. I would like to help her and her mom get away from the grandparents and have a life with mom and dad involved. how tough will this be? I am very stable, and like i stated i just won sole custody of my son from a previous marriage which is my daughters brother.

Custody Issues / Re: father needs help here
« on: Oct 09, 2009, 08:05:51 AM »
oh and i forgot to add, if he did make that kind of money i would think he would have the best lawyer money could buy, but it doesn;t seem to be the case. This doesn't make sense...

Custody Issues / Re: father needs help here
« on: Oct 09, 2009, 08:05:07 AM »
What does your seperation agreement say regarding custody?  If it gives her custody, or if you guys share custody, and you have income and she doesn't, you will end up paying her.

unless this guy makes 500k a year, how could she get 850 a month on a shared custody??

Custody Issues / Re: Is 50/50 custody possible with a Newborn?
« on: Oct 09, 2009, 07:58:31 AM »
your in california, you wont lose your son. but like others have stated it may be hard to get 50/50 of a newborn. but i absolutely see no reason why you shouldn't get over nights. You were married so in california family laws eyes, you have just as much right to that child as she does. Divorce and custody battles drain you emotionally, and seriously age you fast, i would try to talk to her and agree on something you BOTH think is fair, and raise and enjoy your son.

you may have to pay. and  primary doesnt mean anything, primary can be 50/50 they will calcualte CS on time share and income. best thing you can do is try to be civil and talk with dad and both of you come to an agreement.

Father's Issues / Re: Have Not Seen Son in Over (2) Months!
« on: Aug 31, 2009, 06:51:25 AM »
you get a lawyer, then file for court mandated counseling. then after the counselor see's that there was no abuse, you file for full custody and parental alienation. first and foremost get a lawyer 

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