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Jul 18, 2024, 03:51:53 AM

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child support - back owed

Started by stwbshort, Jan 16, 2004, 06:36:38 PM

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Are you for real?  You want us to pity you after the things you've said to strawberry?  This poster isn't about you, it's about her and I'm angry at some of the things you've said about her...you don't even know her.

I'm sorry if you are having problems, but don't expect pity when you are unkind to others.


   hmmm. You have noted alot in that story. good job. however I am not here to defend the actions of those found guilty(unless they are innocent). I am defending the fact that there should be complete honesty on the side of the accusers and prosecutors.  I did find a flaw in one of your statements, just like prosecutors are so noted for, just to ensure his fate.  Be honest, tell only what you know and not what you think, and do not make things up.  If he is guilty, then the truth alone should be enough.  There is no question that I am speaking out of anger here.  But the reality is that when someone accuses you of doing something you didn't, and how easy it was for her to get the court system behind her, you all of a sudden feel for those accused because you know its happened to you, and its probably happening to them.  Don't think I am defending pedophiles. I am defending people who are locked up who haven't had their day in court.  Only then can we say he did it.  As for right now, he is innocent until proven guilty.


   If you would only pay attention to what she said and notice what I noticed then you would not be very with her either.  She is not in any danger, and i don't think I have hurt her feelings.  She is standing up for what she says and I am doing the same.  Go back and read her earlier posts and pay attention to what she said.  Be analitical and you should see. P.S. I don't want your pity.  Pity the children who are dragged through hell for all of this.


And no, I don't think there is any apologizing necessary. UNLESS you have been falsely accused of child abuse, then you have no damn clue. These are shoes that have GOT to be walked in. And yes, I too speak from experience!!!! From a bioloon who had nothing better to do with her time but to research how to get custody from a FAMILY who took extremely good care of the children. Who went to a lawyer who told her, no chance unless there is abuse..well, dah BINGO!!! What the heck, she has an EXTENSIVE criminal record (crimes against humanity), bankrupt, court admitted adultress, there was no change in circumstances & no way she could prove us unfit...so unless..Unless she could coerce the kids into saying they were abused by us that was her only way. And she did so; one at a time...she worked them. Slowly. Like a cancer, you know that it has set in, but you are almost powerless to do anything about it.
It changes you. It jades you. I believe that most falsely accused persons suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome. I also believe that until criminal charges are routinely filed for filing false reports, perjury & coercion of children this isn't going to stop, it's only going to get worse. There are little legal consequences for lying in court, even if caught & these scums of the earth know that. The truth does not set you free anymore.
Fast forward in our case, lucky taxpayers you all.....we now have an 18 & 16 year old with 8th grade educations & criminal records. Are they selling drugs to your children? Are they marrying your sons or daughters? Will they be your in-laws? Are they having babies so that your son can pay support or your daughter can raise the baby alone? Is this what you want? They look so normal, they play on your heart strings. They will tell you how they were abused. *sniffle* Yeah, we have got to stop this pattern.


This is not about your personal vendeta's. Yes their are people out there who lie and make others suffer.
This women did not come here asking for your wrath, she came to ask for help.
Is every person who is in jail for molestaion as innocent as you were??
No they are not, please do not attack someone when they ask for help.


Indi, if you can find that,, get it forwarded to strawberry.

Indigo Mom

This is not about your personal vendeta's. -----

I hope you're not speaking about me...

-----This women did not come here asking for your wrath, she came to ask for help. -----

Yes, and I do believe she received alot of help.  I'm sorry for helping this thread go haywire, but honestly, kiddosmom...I see extreme pain and suffering, that which I can relate to.  I wasn't trying to take away from the original post...I simply wanted to help someone, even though some of his views make me scratch my own head.  I wanted to help another poster...which just so happened to be posting in this thread.

-----Is every person who is in jail for molestaion as innocent as you were?? -----

Absolutely NOT!  However, I do believe accusations made during custody battles are very interesting...indeed.  No, I don't believe the original posters ex is innocent at all.

-----No they are not, please do not attack someone when they ask for help.-----

I'm sorry to the original poster if she feels I'm attacking her.  That was NOT my intention.  Like I said, I saw a serious problem and wanted to help this guy...not insult the original poster.


LOL no dear I did not mean you!! No way no how :)
When you explain your situation, thats exactly what you do, you do not accuse the poster of doing the same.
Sorry I did not put that up there!

oops fixed mispelled name!

Indigo Mom

I don't think i can get that thread, it was on the old boards.  But he specifically said that there was NO law saying a non custodial parent has to pay for the welfare debt of a CP.

Come to think of it!  When monster went on the whole welfare shebang, I called them.  My son was "unofficially" living with me, and I thought it was pretty damned sick for him to be claiming lil dude to get more money and food stamps for himself...so I wanted him removed from monsters benefits, thinking I'm going to have to pay for that crackheads debt.  The social worker I spoke with said Colorado doesn't go after the NCP for welfare debts.  They also removed lil dudes "portion" of the welfare, reducing monsters bennies.  

I wish deeder was here to explain it...it was quite a long thread, if I remember right.  

Strawberry!  Call the department of social services...the welfare people...and ask him if your state goes after the NCP for CP debts.  Don't let them know "who" you are, though.

The OutLaw

Why are you hiding what you think you have found wrong with her story. Why dont you come out and say it rather then keeping it a secret? I dont think you have found a flaw. I think you are just a miserable person that hates women. Why are you tring to make this person feel bad? She is just looking for help not humiliation. Have you even looked at the links she provided? How do you know the video tape does not show the father actualy melesting the child? What do you have against this person?