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Whats been going on lately peoples?  What happened to this site?  I know there are many things going on in this crazy state! things been?  Calm, cool, BM behaving these days, no contempts? are you enjoying being a custodial parent?  Probably ALOT less drama going on right..or at least its more managable?  How is your son doing and didn't you have a new addition to the family if I remember correctly?

Tulip...what's up sista?  Hanging in there?  BM disappear?  Has she had any visitations or done any screen to have visits?  Kids doing better?

As for us, BM has the kids for 7 weeks this summer, and it makes me crazy everyday they are gone.  She now makes them talk on speaker phone which is always a joy.  Got a new free attorney, which I have no idea where the hell she finds these people to represent her for free.  I do like this one however because she does set her straight when she doesn't quite "get it"  LOL.

My ex has disappeared off the face of the planet.  He sends his wife to speak to me and she was explicitly told to stay out of our business by the judge.  Doesn't bother her though, she keeps on a calling.  He hasn't seen the boys since last August and there has been no contact from him to me whatsoever.  I think he finds it easier to not see his kids than deal with his crazy wife at every single exchange.  But the kids have recovered and think Dad will grow up and see them again one day when they are older.  Still sucks, doesn't make it any easier, and my 9 year old says "let's just leave him alone until he pulls his head out of his butt."  LOL.  Smart kid.  So I have honored his request.  His Dad will call when he is ready I guess, or as soon as he gets a divorce from SM!

Thats our lives in a nutshell. No drama..well minimal at best anyway.  We are REALLY liking it!
Minnesota State Forum / Anyone know...
Nov 07, 2005, 05:10:02 AM
of any good psychologists in the southern metro area?  Someone that is willing to testify in court about the children's well being and will make a recommendation?

Minnesota State Forum / Hearing # 2 DONE!!
Oct 22, 2005, 04:31:48 PM
I was actually looking forward to this last hearing.  Man am I glad I had my lawyer along.  He caught SM twice for lying to a cop to try and have me arrested.

Brief re-cap:

BF and SM and I just went through a year long court battle to modify some things in our J & D.  Meanwhile SM became totally crazy and had tried to kill herself several times and so on and so on and basically has made our lives hell since a week after their marriage. 4 days after the new order came...on came the TRO and for once, I had not done anything or even spoke to them to get a TRO.

Fast forward:

My lawyer served her (SM) up and ate her for lunch and then spit her out and then the judge fried her back up and ate her for dessert! We went all throught their evidence first, she went on and on about the GAL report this, and the GAL report that, which none of it was relevant because the GAL report was thrown out and the final orders (which are in another county) were final and mentioned nothing of what the GAL had to say.

She was extremely snotty to my lawyer and kept asking my lawyer questions while she was up there, and she tried her darndest to be Perry Mason, but it just wasn't going well for her.  The judge said "Ma'am, you don't get to ask the questions"..."your being questioned, so answer the questions please."  (I wrote that all down word for word as he was saying it, her look was priceless!)

They tried to set me up twice by lying to the cops about our court orders and had a county attorney actually working on it that I have a warrant set up.  My lawyer caught her lying several times it was just unreal.

I also had a witness from my place of employment that testified she has heard conversations of her calling me at work, all of our work phones are recorded so it was easy for my co-worker to hear them, she gladly testified to her craziness and of her calling me constantly at work.

My wiener ex didn't have much to say, he let her do all the talking on his behalf again. I couldn't believe it.  He just sat there.  My lawyer had fun questioning him though.  He admitted that he doesn't take any phone calls from me and that he intentionally makes me speak to his wife, and he thinks it is ok for her to make all the decisions.  Judge wasn't happy about that at ALL.

My lawyers summation was beautiful, he said judge, we have the right parties here but the wrong plantiff.  Plain and simply it is in fact her (SM)harrassing my client.

The judge said there is no way I am opening another case in this county because this case should be in my county, it should also be in family court, and then he turned to SM and said Ms. XXXX, you need to stay out of it.  Keep your nose to yourself, these two people have children together and there should be no reason for the two females to ever speak to eachother, as he was looking at BF.  Then he looks at her and said I do not believe BM has done anything wrong, and this proceeding is dismissed.  He then looks at SM and said, the SM is the problem in this case, and stay out of it.  So, I was pretty happy to the outcome of this one.  After court they vanished into thin air, I bet he slept on the couch that night.

....and another no show for visitation..which I am kind of glad they didn't go, I can't imagine what she would have said to them this weekend.

I fail to believe nothing is going on with my friends in MN...where is everybody??

Update on us...My ex recently lost his battle with me over medical issues, and the crazy step-mom.  He has lost his 50 legal medical..only and must give the children their medications as they are prescribed by their doctors.

SM shall have no unsupervised contact with the children, and must be monitored by the BF at all times.  CS is now calculated correctly, as I have never made a modification EVER because we split everything 50/50 but since last year he cut off regular contact and any extra anything, even his own clothes at his house.  I had to start packing a bag after 5 years....jerk. And we got a new schedule...which as of yet he has not taken ANY visitations at before the order and now after.

I have 20 visits since June and he has only taken 2 actually 1 1/2 of them.  I took the advice on the 2nd families board and put him on notice that I would not be driving or waiting to see if he is taking his visit or not unless he gave a 2 day advanced notice otherwise I assume he is giving up his visit..haven't heard from him since.

DH ex has put us through quite a fun summer.  She pushed me down a flight of stairs and I am STILL in physical therapy for my back.  We were both charged and our hearings are coming up soon.  So far so good on my end my lawyer is an ex prosecutor for my county. PBFH will hopefully get in trouble because she trespassed, BE, assault, and destruction of property...oh yeah and her license is suspended due to CS....that one makes me smile.  LOL

Sooo, I know our lives can't be nearly as exciting as all of yours..

Spinner, how's it going these days?  How did mediation go or have you been yet?

Tulip, how has your lives been holding up?  Was CS ever established correctly yet?  Is she still seeing the kids?  Is she clean?  Our niece is being placed with her Grandparents (grandma works for the who do you think would get her?)  That whole thing is over next week, so we can move on finally.

Dibella...anything new with you?

Everyone else .....I hope things are calm, cool and relaxing in your households.  I have enough drama for all, ya'll.  Hope everyone is doing fine...

Minnesota State Forum / Child placement...
Jul 05, 2005, 07:39:12 PM
Has anyone or has anyone known someone that has had a niece, nephew, or a cousin placed with them through social services?

We are curently in the loop with grandparents to have a child placed with us permanently due to the parents not abiding by court orders or they just plain can't raise the child.

I was just looking for some tips on how to better my home and get it ready for an inspection...

Anyone have some ideas?  I'll take it!!

Thanks!!  :)
I hope everything is going well on your end.  You have been extremely quiet!!  I hope you had a nice and blessed Easter.

Still keeping you in my prayers and thoughts and hope all is well.
Feel free to come in here and post some time so we all know you are doing ok :)

Minnesota State Forum / Tulip????
Jan 02, 2005, 01:14:42 PM
Tulip, have you survived the holidays?  How did everything go with the TRO hearing?  Did she get her way?

Hope you are doing well and I hope you have a happy new year!
Minnesota State Forum / Neglect??
Mar 30, 2004, 08:31:55 PM
I am fuming mad!!

Finally now that school is almost over, PBFH goes to a conference to one of the 2 children.  All is good until I asked her if the kids were good while they were there.  The teacher said she did not have the kids with her and later into the conference when it was over and they were chit chatting she made a comment that they were in the CAR!!  The teacher pushed her out the door and said you need to go!!

I could just scream!!!

So, when I see her this weekend do you think I should pull her aside and ring her neck, or should I promise to her that if she ever pulls a stunt like that again I will make it my life's mission to make sure is ordered supervised visitation with ALL of her 5 children!!  I am livid, I had to get it off my chest!!

Did I mention the children's ages?? 6, 1 & 2 weeks old.  She left a freakin 2 week she left a 6 year old in charge of a 1 and 2 week old!!!

Child Support Issues / Nannies
Apr 22, 2007, 06:45:51 PM
Ok, I have a question for all you Accountant savy people.

We have a special needs son that requires above and beyond regular care in a daycare setting.  Therefore I need to hire a nanny for the summer and hopefully hang on to her after that.

BF is required to pay a portion of daycare expenses.  Our state also just went to the shared income model.  What do I need to provided or what kind of documentation do I need to submit to CS for his portion?

Also...for tax purposes, anyone know how that works for a "house employee"...what does the IRS need?
Child Support Issues / Update...on the activist..
Mar 14, 2007, 08:27:27 PM
Don't know if you remember but a month or so ago I was asking advice on my Father's Rights activist Child support worker.

Ok, so I did her run around dance with the 2006 medical receipts.  I sent to BF in October, gave him until November to pay, never pays them so I then have to submit to child support and they stamped them on Dec. 29 2006.  Then the receipts needed to be resubmitted because my worker went on vacationin January and then got to my file in February, told me that the new law went into effect on January 1st 2007 so I needed to re-submit them with the new forms and notarize them...blah blah blah.

I sent everything in exactly as I had in 2006 with the exception of I filled out her stupid forms, notarized them and I even gave her a little extra packet of fun and mailed her copies of the Contempt motion I filed and won and all the attorney letters back and forth.  I also explained that these are receipts I have submitted in the past and have never had a problem and that if the BF objected to ANY of the receipts that I have submitted I was fully prepared for him to follow the proper channels of filing a motion with the court as outlined in the information packet she had sent me.

Well that must have done the trick because I went on there today and every single last penny was added.  Now that was weird.  She did not believe me that he had not given me the insurance cards for almost 2 years.

I just found out that we are back to square one again too.  SM left me a nice ha ha ha voicemail telling me that my prescription cards would not work...for the life of me I can't understand the games they are playing with me.  Instead of just giving me the new cards, here is what is going to happen...

I get a prescription for the child, it is going to say invalid insurance.  Then I have to ask for a print out of it saying declined insurance.
Then I have to use my insurance card for him.
Pay 25.00
Submit to the BF for the reimbursement of the 25.00 because it was declined and is responsible for entire bill.
Wait 30 days
Submit the 25.00 to Child support (with my new forms for 2007)
Show proof that the insurance was declined
Wait 30 more days
Gets added to Child support payments

When this is what should happen:

Give me new cards
Get prescription
Pay 5.00
Submit 2.50 to BF for his half
Reimburse BM for prescription in the amount of 2.50

Isn't option 2 a much better choice?  Why on earth do they keep choosing option one?  I don't get it?  Can anyone explain it to me?  I used to think it was a control issue but really I think its a stupidity problem.

Anyway thanks guys for making me tell the worker what was what and that if the BF had a problem to take it to worked!

Maybe it is just me, but everytime I submit a DOLLAR for unreimbursed Medical expenses, my CS worker finds some reason, any reason, to spit it back out at me!

I am getting really irritated.  I follow the rules she quoted me one day and then she changes them.  Then I submit an exact same expense from a previous month and then it is challenged....WTF?

To quote her last letter to me she says..."I can not tell you what you can and can't claim, but just note that EX does have the right to dispute this and this would mean going back into court."

What does that mean?  Stop sending in these claims or your going to go to court?  She OBVIOUSLY  has never spoken to my ex because that is one place I am definitely not afraid of.  Its the only time I actually get to discuss anything calmly without the SM's input.

Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?  She even went as far as saying that 1200.00 in unreimbursed AND state payback (son is MA for life due to disability), if challenged by my EX I would not get the tax deduction because she considered him "caught up".  WHAT?!?!@?

I am sorry if it says NEGATIVE $1200.00  anywhere in America, ie your bank account, the IRS, if your bloody checkbook says MINUS 1200.00, that means you are empty, nada, you owe 1200.00!

Ok got that off my chest, any ideas on if she is just a nice CS worker or am I just imagining she is really, letting him get away with things that he shouldn't and I should request a new worker?
Child Support Issues / Anyone ever tried to...
Sep 05, 2006, 04:13:11 PM
submit receipts for a medical trip?

Shouldn't you be able to be reinbursed for half from the other parent for the hotel stay, gas, food for the child, and any other medical necessity they incurred during the trip?

My order is worded that the other parent must pay half for any non covered medical expenses and it was prescribed by his doctor that the child attend this medical conference.

Your thoughts or experiences?
Child Support Issues / Little victory!!!
Dec 09, 2005, 03:13:51 PM
After writing a letter for "permission" to file a motion for reconsideration for DH to get both children for tax deductions, because BM is on welfare, SSI, no child support, and sucking the government boob for her entire life, we thought it only fair.

I sent the letter on Nov. 1st, didn't hear anything, didn't hear anything AAAND, you guessed it, didn't hear anything.  I called the magistrate's office checking on the letter.  Seems that they had no idea what I was talking about and I had to RESEND the letter in question.  Figures right?

Then after I stopped whining and bitching about it, I went to re-send it again.  That day I got a call back from the magistrate's office and they said that they had recieved the letter.  Good!  Only 8 days left before the time limit had run out WTF!  Anyways, after that they called again and the magistrate went out on emergency medical leave.  GEEZ!

I mean how hard can it be to just say yes or no, you may bring a motion, we aren't declaring a national conference here!  So the magistrate's office (only after calling them exactly 12 times) told me to call the court administrator's office to find out what to do.  *sigh*  OK.

I called them and they were extremely helpful in telling me I had gone through extra ordinary measures to obtain permission and that I was to just "skip" the magistrates permission and to file my motion anyway.  (I really liked this lady, if she could have told me to "f*ck the magistrate's permission, she would have I swear! LOL)

Sick to death of having to send this letter again and then file the motion to get it, I again waited until I was in a better mood, I was going to write it up over this weekend.  Guess what we got in the mail!

Not only do I not have to bring a motion but the magistrate was so kind to just ORDER the tax deduction. DH can now claim both of his children that he supports fulltime without a dime from BM..oh wait 12.00 a month in SSI, but that would be you citzens and me paying for that, so I thank you.... but it starts as of 2005 and will continue until BM gets a JOB, and she must motion for it back and then they will decide.  The likelihood of her getting a job is ummm LOLOLLLLOLBuwhahahahahahahahah..BM and the word job don't even fit together.

So my small advice to all of us plugging along and think it is totally worthless to do anything...Don't give up, and sometimes you get handed some small pleasures to ease the pain of it all.  Only took me 40 days to get an answer to a yes or no question!

"Sherya5" was absolutely right, they zeroed out her child support, so BM no longer has to pay.  They did exactly what sherya5 posted and considered the children's benefits as contributing so the judge cancelled child support.    They also started it at when she was declared "disabled" by social security, not when she actually filed for a change in her child support which was 8 months later!  The order says that "DH has significantly more income available to meet his own needs and the needs of the parties children"...well no crap, its called gettting a JOB, something she has no concept of.

I am so sick of welfare I could puke, and social security is absolutely in the same category, they give any dead beat parent money for sitting on their ass, its pathetic!  Oh and she is moving into her brand spanking, newly build home with her 3 other children by 3 other fathers by Christmas that the government has also given her.

So I want to thank each and everyone that works a full time job and busts their ass, and pays their taxes to uncle Sam in this great country so that you can contribute to BM's worthlessness and for being able to give her free money and free food, a place to live for free as well, also her free lawyer whenever she feels like things have been too quiet and decides to start more motion proceedings and most of all for her now free ride through the government for the rest of her life.....keep up the good work all BM appreciates it.

I shouldn't complain, the boys will at least receive 72.00 each a month until they are, hope they don't spend it all in one place!

Thanks for the vent!

Child Support Issues / social security...
Sep 15, 2005, 04:45:06 PM
Anyone able to help me out on explaining how social security disability benefits work for a NCP who is 4000.00 in arrears of CS because they refused to work?  Now they are disabled?

I'm in MN
Child Support Issues / Here's a toughie...
Aug 30, 2005, 04:16:41 PM
Ok, DH is going to a re-hearing on Thurs. for CS.  BM/NCP is trying to get her CS stopped and/or postponed.  Kind of a strange situation, but she has a letter from one therapist that says she can't work and as soon as she got that letter she stopped therapy.

As some of you may or may not remember, she and I were in an altercation and charges were brought and since then you can't IMAGINE the trauma I have caused her, (even though she pushed me down a flight of stairs.) Exactly 9 days later she resumed her therapy and sucessfully had another therapist write a letter that she was unable to work due to her having re-occuring panic attacks everyday lasting 1 to 1 1/2 hrs....although she went 6 months before obtaining therapy again.
There is no tests that were included or mentioned in the letter other than "BM reports" she is having these episodes.

Ok, judge reserved judgement to see "how she felt" in the time frame she was asking for the postponement.  We know this is all a load of crap and she is just trying to get out of paying CS, always has and always will, currently her license is suspended, but she drives anyway etc. etc.. rules do not apply to this woman.

She is also trying for SSI benefits, it is my understanding that DH will receive child support from that if she is suppose to pay that correct?

Help, we have a lawyer...and he will go with us if we ask him to, but DH did well last time he went by himself, and we would like to keep the lawyer costs down.

Anyone, anyone at all have any suggestions?????

I have a nagging question maybe you all can help with.

I have been debating whether or not to ask for an increase in CS.  I am a CP and a CP SM, we have 4 kids between us.  NCP BM does not pay anything, she lives on the system and is in major arrearages, so there is no hope on that end.  She will get what is coming to her when the time is right.

My ex however is always on time with support, has never been late, and I have always dismissed any kind of re-evaluation that has come up.  The only thing that I have accepted is the regular cost of living increase, and he is absolutely ok with that.

My problem now is he has re- married and his children are no longer his priority.  I include him in EVERYTHING, we had a very amicable relationship, we are not your typical divorced parents.  Except that has all come to a hault as well.  New wife would like for me to just disappear.

Now the tables have turned and he is no longer as involved as he used to be.  He would provide school shoes, haircuts, coats etc and half of the school clothes, above child support, and we had agreed to those items long ago and have done it that way since the divorce.  He is to pay half the daycare bill and won't do that now either.

He has since told me he wants 50/50 custody, which would be fine with me if he was asking for it for the right reasons, one of which is to get out of paying CS.  He wants 50/50 except with 10 % of the responsibility.
He also lives 1/2 hr away so we could not have a week on and a week off type of thing.

He could of had the chidlren for the entire summer and they came home on the weekends, and they were back in a week because the new wife couldn't handle our youngest son.  He is a special needs child.

He is not wheel chair bound or very high maintance, he just requires a 3rd eye on him at all times.  He has now required things we never thought he would need and he is growing like wild fire.  The support that was ordered was for 5 years ago for a job he was making 10.00hr for.  He has since retained a waaay better job and makes over 25.00 hr. or more.

I feel bad for asking for the increase and rocking the boat.  I have asked for the things that I can not provide but he just keeps telling me...the next paycheck, the next paycheck.  What should I do?

I need a little more help with the kids, should I put in for the increase?

Thanks for any and all input in advance!!
for a child support reduction to go through?

1. Does it start from the day it was ordered and signed?


 2. Does it start from the day the motion was filed?

and what if you are in arrears?  Does that just get wiped clean?

NCP motioning for reduction due to pregnancy and on welfare. Not severely in arrears but a couple months behind.

thanks for any MN
Moms Without Custody / Backwardsbike....
Nov 17, 2004, 05:17:37 PM
We need to talk..would you private message me or email me?
Dear Socrateaser / Deductions...
Feb 11, 2007, 08:27:55 PM
I filed my taxes this year with both my children as dependents.  My CO states that if BF is in CS arrears as of Dec 31st.  I may claim both of them.

I had mailed my medical arrears to BF in Nov.  He gets 30 days to respond, Dec. 19 was 30 days and I mailed to CS for them to collect.

So the rest of Dec comes and goes,  January comes and goes,...I filed my taxes because noone told me otherwise that they were not added.

 I finally went on the CS website to take a look around and came to see they had NOT added the arrears I had sent in.  (not the first time).  I had a lengthy conversation with my worker that they received my packet on the 29th of December, and that was a Friday and a holiday weekend there would have been no way they would have dealt with it that day.

Then she said she went on 3 weeks vacation and noone did her case load and as of February 1st she was just looking my packet over (but not before I left her a message in the morning with my return call being at 5:30 PM).  Then she proceeded to tell me that since the new law changed, she needed to send the packet back to me, I had to get it notarized and fill it out in the new format.  

Then some of the items on the list were questionable and that even though she can't tell me what I can and cannot claim, that if the BF disputes any of them we would end up back in court.

Ok..I was under the impression that he was in arrears, he's always in arrears, and the 400.00 was not added in a timely manner by the CS office and I now have several hoops to jump through.  As of Dec 31st their office does show he was paid up.  My office says otherwise. :)

1. Who is right here?  Me or CS office?

2. Is this worker suppose to dispute my claims before the BF even sees it or is she suppose to let the BF file an objection?

3. Any other words of wisdom?

4. How much does one child run these days, as in how much would I have to give back?

Case in MN (Still have the return not spending it until I know what is going on)

Thank you
Dear Socrateaser / Power of attorney is a fake...
Jan 20, 2007, 09:23:25 AM
In 1993 shortly after my dad had died, my mother signed over Power of Attorney to me to help her keep things in order.

In 2001 it had been determined and best for my mother to go into an assisted living apartment because she was developing memory loss and forgetting to take her medications.

Meanwhile my brother and his wife were really not involved, and rarely came to see her and as time goes by she doesn't remember him at all.  All together he has visited her maybe 5 times since 2001.

In 2002 there was another Power of Attorney that has surfaced and is a complete forgery.  Supposedly signed by my mother but if compared to any other documents with her signature, you can blatantly tell it is not her signature.  It names both my brother and his wife as Power of Attorney and they never signed it.  Notary was out of social services in another county, still looking into that.

My SIL is causing quite a ruckus.  She has deployed the state to check on her, social services, the bank is calling me, threatening letters demanding I give over banking documents, letters demanding I give them her money...the list goes on.

They have never been to a doctor appointment and the doctor has deemed her unable to live by herself and has dimensia.

I have been her main caregiver for this entire time but my brother and SIL (mainly SIL) are trying to do things with the POA and it is clearly a forgery and noone can tell.

1. Is there anything I can do to have this investigated by the DA?

2. Would a guardianship over my mother stop all of this?

3. Do I have to notify my brother of the court proceedings?

4.  With my POA can I obtain a TRO on my brother and SIL to keep from harrassing the home she lives in and bothering my mother?

5. Do you have any other advice?
Dear Socrateaser / Conflict?
Jan 05, 2007, 10:31:04 AM
I just filed a contempt motion and sole decison making authority for foreign travel.

New attorney is trying to reschedule court date in which I strongly oppose.  We have been dealing with this for over 2 years and enough is enough.  His reasons are he already has cour that day.

Attorney that is representing him is the partner of my DH's ex wife's attorney.  The firm ultimatley represented the ex wife and has quite a bit of knowledge of me if they pull that file out.

1.  How do I thwart a continuance?

2.  Is it a conflict of interest being who his attorney is or is affiliated with?

Dear Socrateaser / Motions filed..
Dec 28, 2006, 07:42:48 PM
Hi Soc,

If you my or may not remember, I have been trying to compel the BF to sign for the children's passports so we can get into Canada in 2007.  Everyone is required a passport if you want to get back into the U.S.

No luck, so I filed a Motion for Sole Decision Making Authority for Foreign Travel.  Along with that I have been trying to get him to hand over Insurance Cards so I also filed for contempt on the Insurance cards because he is supposed to provide them to me, and the provider will not allow me any information.

I spent a whole day drawing up these motions, another day filing these motions, and running between two counties to have a Sheriff serve the papers.

I have a feeling that after all of this, $120.00 in filing and processing and another 20.00 in gas, he will just *poof* send me the cards, even though I have been trying for over a year to get them.

1. What do I do then?  Obviously not in contempt anymore if I recieve them right?

2. I still need to be heard on the Foreign Travel motion though, so do I just dismiss the first part?

GRrrrrr...I am so crabby!  Thanks Soc for your help!

Dear Socrateaser / I forgot...
Dec 04, 2006, 02:22:49 PM
A while back you told me what to file and for the life of me can't find where I pasted it.

I need to file a motion for contempt and I need to file with that something else to compel the BF to sign the passports for our children

1. What do I label that motion?

2. Can I file them together for the same day or is one family and one civil?
Dear Socrateaser / Need some wording...
Nov 09, 2006, 05:55:54 PM
Soc, I am filing a contempt on NCP for insurance information.  In addition while we are there I would like to file something else to compel him to sign papers so I can obtain passports for our children.

He has states (well his wife has stated only) that he will never sign them in fear that I am leaving the country for good.  NCP knows why we need the passports and I can effectively expalin why to a judge and I am an American and have no intention of living abroad EVER.  He knows this, he just wants to be difficult.

1.  Would this be a Motion to Compel as well as contempt ?

2.  Are these separate issues and need to be handled as such?

Dear Socrateaser / POA...
Oct 11, 2006, 01:26:23 PM
Parties in MN

I have a POA concerning my grandmother and currently she lives in an assisted living environment.  In 1995 she was declared incompetent to make decisions on her own and her doctor signed her records indicating that.  It was then decided she needed to go to assisted living.

Fast forward.  My aunt and uncle had been sending me several semi threatening letters concerning my grandmother's money throughout the summer of 2006.  They were pretty much fruitless so I did not act on them, I did not respond in any manner.

At the beginning of this month I was investigated for misappropriation of funds and interviewed by the local police department, several other allegations were brought forth but it was deemed I had done absolutely nothing wrong and it was dropped and unfounded.  In the course of this investigation I found out that there was another POA given to my aunt and uncle and it is dated in 2002.  It doesn't look anything like my grandmother's signature and if any handwriting expert took a stab at it they could tell very quickly.

I am not sure what they have tried to do with this POA but during the investigation my aunt told the officer that "mom wanted to them to have POA"  this is completely false for three reasons. One because my grandmother is repulsed by my aunt and can't stand her (her entire life) and would die if she ever called her "mom" and two my grandmother had already given me POA and she knew it and three had called the home she was in and asked "WHO" had POA.

This last month my aunt has called the home repeatedly to speak to my grandmother (grandmother has no idea who she is speaking to), harrassed the nurses and has called the main office ranting and raving.

They used their POA to gain access to my grandmother's bank accounts but have not withdrew anything.  I have since moved all her money to an account they know nothing about.

They are extremely angry that they can't find the money and they want it. The officer commented to me that all she was interested in was the money and not the welfare of my grandmother.  It is fair to say my uncle has no idea what she has been doing.  Maybe to a degree but I am sure he is not aware of all the calls.

1 Is there anything I can do about this forged POA?

2 Who do I call or speak to to investigate?

3.  Can I get a restraining order on my aunt so she leaves me, the home, and my grandmother alone?

4. any other suggestions?

Thank you SOC!!!
Dear Socrateaser / Grounds for legal custody...
Aug 21, 2006, 08:07:19 PM
Ok a couple of posts ago you said I must prove the following...

"Clear and convincing evidence of a change in circumstances affecting the child(ren)'s best interests is the burden of proof. You must show that the children's lives are adversely affected by the affirmative actions of the other parent, and that a change of custody will remedy the circumstances."

Here's what I got:

Father has estranged himself from the children for 2 years with maybe 2 visits in that time frame. Documented

Father does not call them ever, even when he did see them. Documented

Father refuses to give me medical cards/ insurance info expressly ordered to do so. Documented and CS worker is also trying for his cooperation.

Father refuses to speak to me and SM calls me several times a day. All recorded in voicemails from SM.

Father refuses certified mail.  Recorded in voicemails from SM and returned letters.

Father refuses to sign off on passports because he thinks I am leaving the country for good and won't do me any favors (which he knows is NOT true) Recorded in voicemails from SM.

SM is cancelling various medical appointments for both children. Can't prove other than I had to re-schedule them,because they just say cancelled not by who, so Documented.

Voicemail left at 11:30 pm of a recording of Father speaking to medical provider about a bill and bad mouthing me to her. (ya that was a wierd gift)

Will not speak to SM as to set a precedent to let her run the show and to let it keep happening.  Another voicemail that Father will not speak to me ever regarding the children except through her.

Children, even if re-united, oldest (9) almost (10) wants nothing to do with father unless SM is nowhere around.  Youngest is mentally handicapped and can not form his own opinion but can not handle the sporadic visits.

Even supervised (SM ordered not to be alone with them) father does not follow medication regimine because of SM tampering with pills...hard to prove and can only be proven if child goes through blood draws before and after every visit.

1. Do I have enough evidence for a Legal custody change?

2. If the answer is no, do I at least have a butt-load of contempt and grounds for a RO on the SM?

FYI... Case in MN & Stalking law...

Dear Socrateaser / A few questions...
Aug 17, 2006, 06:36:21 AM
Can you give me some wording for the following:

BF and I have a child with a genetic syndrome.  I have recently been given new medical advice and research, from the world's leading doctor that studies this syndrome that would suggest that there is a new test that can be done on the parents and the child to see if the chromosomes have extra genetic material on them, translocated or there could be nothing at all.  All testing for our child and us was done 8 years ago, they have come along way since then.

We have a new order that states that SM is not allowed to be alone with the children whatsoever.  She regularly calls and harrasses me, medical providers, she is cancelling our son's appointments, so they do not have to pay for them, the list goes on.

1. Can you give me some wording for an order that BF shall cooperate in all genetic testing of our son and himself?

2. Is there such a thing as a permanent restraining order?

3. Could I word the order in a way, that SM shall be permanently not allowed to call my home, teachers, doctors etc??

4. Or should I just file an actual harrassment restraining order?