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Jun 15, 2024, 04:57:27 AM

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forgiveness of back CS arrears without CP approval?

Started by beeboah, Oct 26, 2005, 05:34:12 AM

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Good Ole NJ!!!  They screw up and don't care who it affects!!!!!

Sorry to hear that.  

Hope things are good with you otherwise!!!


didn't do the right thing that is for sure! We are getting our crap together to snap another one off the payroll though. Another 23 year *adult Child* (jola pewking) gets snapped off!



why are you still paying if they are 23 years old???


its ok, just wondering why you were going after my reasoning if they don't matter anyways....

And anyways I'd be curious to see why you don't think that my reasons are invalid...? (not like it matters)

How is that possible? especially the ex lying about receiving money directly from me to get more money....

Passport issue is REAL, let me tell you, I got trapped overseas due to that garbage. WHILE PAYING CHILD SUPPORT!


thank you for this advice...I don't think that I have a chance either based on lack of CP "interest"..and that seems to be an impassible requirement..


They matter to the Judge.

It is just my opinion about your reasons.  I don't feel that the Judge will erase the arrears due to your reasons.  I'm not saying that you reasons aren't true.   It is also my opinion that you can solve some of these problems by getting a part-time job to help pay some of the arrears.  I know that it's not what you would like to do.  I didn't enjoy working 3 jobs when our daughter was a baby.  I would have to drag her around with me from job to job.  It wasn't easy, but it's what I HAD to do to pay the bills because my ex wasn't willing to help out at all.

Seems to me that your ex doesn't sound like she is willing to help out either.  Some things you just can't change.

Good Luck.  I hope that things work out for you!


The judge CANNOT erase the arrears it seems, so the reasons dont matter at all. Unless the CP changes their mind.

IF the judge could get involved, I don't understand why FRAUD would not an issue. BUT IT SEEMS THAT HE CANNOT.

If I get a part time job, I run a HIGH risk that the ex will tell the system that I am making more money thereby increasing my child support and negating the point of getting the arrears down in the first place.

That would make no sense, and not be conducive to reducing a financial obligation. (Because legally that is what it is)

In fact, my payments could go up for those hard hours worked at McDonalds and further deduct from my time with my present family and child.

Totally disagree


If you are dealing with the CSE in FL - they will not even forgive arrears if the CP agrees to it.  CSE in FL says the money is for the CHILDREN and therefore they will collect on the children's behalf, regardless of what the parents want.


that the more CS CSE collects the more they receive in federal matching funds.  They are not likely to give up that free money by forgiving arrears.