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Apr 12, 2024, 05:22:17 AM

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Living Like Cattle

A judge in the State of Georgia named Robert Noland routinely decides custody in favor of the mother. When asked to explain why he does this, Judge Nolan was quoted as saying "I ain't never seen a calf following a bull. They always follow the cow. So I always give custody to the mamas."

Now I'd never want to disparage Judge Nolan's highly enlightened and incredibly scientific method of making custody decisions, but the fact is that people aren't cattle.

Maybe this subtle distinction escapes him, but to most folks it would be fairly obvious. Cattle don't pay child-support, they don't engage in Parental Alienation Syndrome, and to my knowledge, they don't participate in the institution of legally sanctioned marriages. For some odd reason, these points appear to be irrelevant details that don't factor into Judge Noland's decision-making process.

Thank goodness Judge Noland doesn't have to concern himself with any of those pesky, complicated details like the fitness of each parent, what might be in the children's best interests, or the respective parenting abilities of the mother and father. Nope, none of that fancy-pants, silly-assed cerebral nonsense for him- just a mindless rule that even a moron could follow: "The kids go to the mom."

It must be nice to live in such an uncomplicated little world like Judge Noland's, where complex decisions are reduced to a rather simple set of rules, based on the living habits of livestock.

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