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May 28, 2024, 06:34:24 PM

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Denial Of Visitation Form Letter

A useful form letter to send whenever you're denied visitation with your children.
Send this letter to your ex each and every time you're denied visitation with your children. Also send a copy to the following persons:
  • Your attorney
  • Your ex's attorney
  • The court clerk at the courthouse
  • Any evaluators or mental-health professionals who may be involved in your case

Edit the letter to reflect your particular circumstances, then fill in the "missed time" table with your own values, making sure that the totals add up correctly. With each letter, include a request that a copy be placed in your case file as a part of the permanent record. We suggest that you send these letters by certified mail, with return receipt requested. (Click here for some tips on using certified mail.)

From: (your name)
To: (your ex's name)
Date: (today's date)

Re: Denial Of Visitation
Dear X,

I'm sure you realize that I consider my time with (name of child(ren)) to be extremely special and valuable beyond measure. He/She is a part of my family, and these visits are an important part of all of our lives.

In our last hearing on this matter, visitation was ordered by the courts on this schedule:

(insert times and dates outlined in the visitation schedule).

In practice, however, you have failed to comply with this schedule and have put undue restrictions on it that are not in compliance with the court order. To demonstrate, I've prepared this table:

Date(s) Time Scheduled Time Arrived Time Returned Missed Time
1/9/99 10:00AM - 6:00PM 2:00PM 6:00PM 7 hrs
4 hrs late due to oversleeping. Also req’d to allow XX to leave to "be with friends" from 2:30 P to 5:30PM
1/23/99 10:00AM - 6:00PM 10:45AM 6:00PM 45 min
Gave no reason for being late
2/6-2/7/99 10:00AM - 6:00PM 10:30AM 2/6 6:00PM 2/7 30 min
Said they "Got a late start"

Total time missed:
8hrs, 15min

Because of your actions, I've had far less than my allotted time with (name of child(ren)). Your failure to arrive on time makes it difficult on the other children, as they look forward to seeing (name of child(ren)). It also makes it extremely difficult to plan the kinds of activities we like to do on these occasions.

The conditions and restrictions you have placed on these visits violate the court ordered schedule and are not acceptable. You have (number of days) days per month to schedule activities for (name of child(ren)) as you see fit, please allow me to do the same with my (number of days) days.

I'm willing to be flexible with the schedule (for example, when special events occur), but I expect reasonable advance notice and compensatory time. I also reserve the "right of refusal" on all such changes in the court ordered schedule. I hope that we can reach agreement on these issues without involving a third party, but understand that I will do whatever is necessary so I can spend my parenting time with (name of child(ren)).


(your name)

CC: Your attorney
CC: Your ex's attorney
CC: The court clerk at the courthouse
CC: Any mental-health professionals involved in your case

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