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May 28, 2024, 07:48:04 PM

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Child Support Spreadsheet

Please note that this Child Support Spreadsheet (CSS) has been replaced by the more powerful 'Support Tracker' function built into the Parenting Time Tracker (PTT).
The Child Support Spreadsheet version on this page is no longer in development, and is maintained here for archival purposes.
We recommend using a site like ParentingTime.net to track support payments, expenses, custody time, etc.

(A review of the Parenting Time Tracker can be found here.)

Use this Child Support spreadsheet to keep track of support payments and related information. This spreadsheet was originally intended for use by the parent paying child support, but could also be used to track payments by a parent who is receiving child support.

The figures included in the spreadsheet are for illustrative purposes only- you will want to clear all of the amounts and sample notes to create a blank copy for your own use.

This spreadsheet is in Excel 97 format and should import easily into any current spreadsheet application.

Download the Child Support Spreadsheet

Instructions/Comments for the Child Support Spreadsheet:

* Column indicates payments which were garnished.

Provide Tax information if available, as this will help with CS calculations. Make sure you use the remarks column to explain variations in income. This may help you to get CS based on your average, not your peak income. Include any other expenditures on the children (medical/doctor bills, insurance, clothing purchases, etc.), since these might also be used to get CS adjusted.

Always keep all pay stubs and cancelled checks going back at least two years or to the effective date of the most current support order, whichever is longer (I go all the way back to the original separation). If you don't get your checks back, you should add a column for check numbers so that you can retrieve the ones you need from the bank. The bank only keeps these for a limited time and charges a fee for retrieval, so it is better to get your checks back and keep them yourself if you have that option.

I update mine every few months to track both my employer and the support office (I had an employer who did not send a payment in for over 2 months). Many employers only send one check each month, though they charge you weekly for the garnishment (my state allows a $1 fee each week for the employer who withholds a CS garnishment).

Explain any job changes. If you are fired or laid off, make sure you ask for/receive a letter of discharge so you can prove it was not voluntary.

Specific dates were not included here. If you are trying to prove a history of on-time payments, you may want to include two extra columns, one for check date (or sending date) and the other for the Office of Support Enforcement recording date.

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