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Jun 15, 2024, 05:13:09 AM

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Review of "Where's Daddy?"

"Where's Daddy?" by "K.C.", $26.50, 236 pg, hardcover. Available from Amazon.com at this link: Where's Daddy?"" or from Harbinger Press, Richmond, Virginia.

From the outset we should make it clear that "Where's Daddy?" is NOT a divorce-tactics book; in other words this book will not assist you in fighting a custody battle. The book is, however, an excellent study of the causes and social paradigms that make divorce what it is in today's society.

"Where's Daddy?" examines most, if not all, of common divorce myths and institutions, punching holes in them neatly and logically. Written in a straightforward manner, the author uses statistics and common sense to illustrate his points. "Where's Daddy?" lifts the veil of the social structures that not just perpetuate, but in fact promote today's lopsided practice of divorce and custody determination.

Without question, reading this book will give you insights into divorce that you didn't have before. By way of numerous examples, the author shows that divorce and custody have little if anything to do with protecting children or families; instead, divorce and custody revolve around the division of property, with children viewed as just another marital asset to be awarded.

"Where's Daddy?" investigates why no practical advances have been made in the handling of divorce and custody issues, even after decades of research that have turned up more productive options for both parents and children. In addition, "Where's Daddy?" also examines some of the more common "urban myths" that have been instrumental in shaping the current landscape of divorce and custody.

We highly recommended "Where's Daddy" to those who seek a deeper understanding of the whys and hows of divorce. If money is short, skip this book until your discretionary income allows its purchase. Alternatively, check with local libraries to see if they have a copy.

Based on price (moderate) as well as content (excellent), we rate "Where's Daddy?" as a 4-star resource (on a scale of 1 to 5).

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